Things are changing for coffee entrepreneurs—and fast. Coming out of the unprecedented events of 2020, coffee businesses around the world are looking at a new landscape, one that still feels like it’s shifting week over week. Every aspect of running a coffee business has been impacted, and we’re not done yet.

From time to time here at Sprudge we like to check in with our readers, asking you a series of questions and giving you the opportunity to tell us more about what’s happening in your world, with a focus on workflow challenges and potential solutions. Here in summer 2021, we’re joining forces with the team at Cropster to share a new survey worth just a few minutes of your time. In the coming weeks, we’ll present some takeaways from the survey—except of course any personal info, which won’t be shared—with the goal of taking a good, informed look at where coffee entrepreneurs are at around the world today.

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Cropster + Sprudge survey—click here to participate.

This survey is being co-presented by Cropster and Sprudge. “Helping Cafes get back to business, bring on new teams, and maintaining quality are all close to our hearts,” says Isa Verschraegen, Cafe Product Manager at Cropster. (Readers may know Verschraegen for helping launch the Barista and Roaster Guilds of Europe, and for Verschraegen’s work as the former Guilds Director at the SCA.)

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“It’s clear 2020-21 has changed the cafe business,” says Verschraegen, “we’re keen to learn more about that and how we can help. We are also committed to sharing what we learn! That’s why we’re thrilled Sprudge has teamed up with us to help everyone understand the new cafe landscape a little better.”

Founded in 2007 in Colombia, Cropster is now headquartered out of Austria and the United States, offering an innovative suite of services to coffee professionals around the world.

cropster global network
Cropster’s global network. (Image via Cropster)

Here’s more from the official Cropster website:

Cropster connects coffee professionals worldwide from farmers at origin to people in cafes and everyone in between in over 100 countries. Our mission is to make key business information easy to collect, access and analyze so everyone wins. We help people focus on core processes related to quality, consistency, planning, traceability and resource management at every stage of production. We want to empower them and their partners up and down the supply chain through shared expertise and information. We believe affordable technology can be used by everyone in real time to increase fairness for all players in the market and doing so will result in a better, more sustainable cup for consumers.

Take the survey now.

Cropster is an ad partner on the Sprudge Media Network. For more information, visit and follow Cropster on Twitter and Instagram


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