Hold on to your butts! Barista Nation is coming back to the Southlands with an epic Los Angeles event on September 28th, 2013. The event is hosted by Wilbur Curtis Company at their HQ (6913 Acco Street, Montebello), and the thrilling talks and high impact labs are some of the most daring and outrageous we’ve ever seen on a coffee event program.

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Each Barista Nation event has a specific theme, and for #BNLA it’s all about busting coffee myths. Myths about roasting, espresso, careers, journalism, blended coffee drinks, and cuppings will be addressed. Attendees will be faced with the task of “choosing your own adventure” in four separate sessions – each with three different labs to choose from. That means there’s something for everybody. At Barista Nation, not only do you get an opportunity to attend up to four sessions, but you can also expect a glorious spread for lunch, food trucks on hand for dinner, and all the delicious coffee you can drink! Entry is stunningly reasonable, with just a suggested donation of $10 to CARE. 


This year’s Los Angeles event features a keynote by Kyle Glanville and Charles Babinski, and will include talks from Martin Diedrich (Kean Coffee), Mike Perry (Klatch Coffee), Ken Olson (Barista Magazine), Kris Fulton (La Mill Coffee), Heather Perry (Klatch Coffee), Alex Littejohn (Verve Coffee Roasters), Todd Goldsworthy (Klatch Coffee), Richard Sandlin (Fair Trade USA), Tim Hibbs (OptiPure), Heather Bradford (Fidalgo Bay Coffee), Sauro Dall Aglio (noted UNIC tech), Tom Vincent (Texas Coffee School), Lu Lyall (Wilbur Curtis), and Julia Leech (Toddy). Here’s a complete event card for #BNLA

BaristaNation LA back

Your Sprudge Editors will be there, leading talks on coffee journalism and blended coffee beverages, as well as providing epic DJ services at that evening’s “Bust Out Party and Throwdown” from 6pm til 9pm. It’s going to be a magical day. To register, donate $10 to and e-mail your receipt to Space is limited to 300 so register early! Questions? Call 866.295.8642.

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