Erin DeJesus over at Eater PDX is reporting that Portland Roasting Coffee will soon be featured in Ben & Jerry’s pints. Voters who took part in the Ben & Jerry’s “City Churned” campaign – in which city’s across the United States are given their own B&J flavor – have settled on a truly Portlandish set of flavors for “Stay Weird Swirl”, because yes, that’s what it’s called. Non-vegan, non-gluten free, non-Paleo Portlanders can enjoy the following flavor combo:

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Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 11.19.29 AM

We won’t nitpick – Rogue is not a Portland company, shortbread is not a Portland pastry – well, ok, sorry, that totally counts as nitpicking. Still, it’s super exciting for the folks at Portland Roasting, who are also deep in their build-out phase for an upcoming cafe, set to open as an annex to their roasting facility at 340 SE 7th Ave, in SE Portland. Look for more on their new cafe in an upcoming Build-Outs of Summer feature on Sprudge.

Other Ben & Jerry’s flavors include a Brooklyn-themed “Borough Brew” (Greyston Bakery brownies, ennui, and caramel corn), San Francisco’s own “Mission District Google Bus Brunch Swirl”, and “Seattle Traffic Jam”, made with all-natural PNW blackberry jam, car-shaped Theo Chocolate cookies, and a light rail ribbon of caramel.


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