This coming October, 2013, there will be a huge global specialty coffee event in Milan. It’s called the International Professional Hospitality Exhibition, or simply “HOST” – an enormous hospitality conference for which coffee is just one part. Think 1,600 vendors ranging from breads and pizza to gelatos and pastry, table wear, furniture, and all manners of coffee. HOST happens every other year, and it’s important for specialty coffee as a debut showcase for new products, particularly from Italian-based manufacturers. This year, in addition to those exciting product debuts, the World Barista Championship will be center stage at HOST, and will be there on assignment for the world premiere of WBC All-Stars.

What, pray tell, is the WBC All-Stars? It’s a brand new happening brought to you by World Coffee Events, including signature beverage demos, talk show style interviews, lectures, chats,  and all manner of interactive specialty coffee geek outs. The All-Star showcase will be broadcast live online, and you’ll be able to interact with the stars – and with us, your humble reporter conduits – using the power of Twitter and Facebook. Here’s some more information via World Coffee Events:

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A brand new feature activity brought to you by Nuova Simonelli, taking place at the HOST Milan event in the Fieramilano from 18-22 October, 2013. The World Barista Championship (WBC) celebrated its 14th edition in 2013, and to highlight the achievement of several World Barista Champions and Finalists, WCE is bringing them together in a rare opportunity to see them interviewed live with feedback on their award-winning performances. During this 5 day program, you will also see them challenge each other in an on-demand signature beverage performance, but this time the panel of judges are people like YOU – audience members interested in participating! This is an event you don’t want to miss!

WCE will also integrate a ‘Coffee Talk Show’ segment led by emcee Peter Giuliano of SCAA, inviting the participants to comment and discuss a variety of interesting topics. Also, debuting an opportunity to #askthechampion your burning questions! Join in the conversation on Twitter @WCoffeeEvents using #WBCAllStars #askthechampion.

We can confirm that is covering these events LIVE from Milan, thanks to direct support from Nuova Simonelli and World Coffee Events, with whom we’re proudly partnered.

Rumors are flying as to which WBC All-Stars you can expect to see at HOST, and we’ll be confirming names and events when more information is made available. Look to Sprudge for the inside scoops, the live Twitter coverage, and the behind-the-scenes details from WBC All-Stars in Milan. Join us in October for our world-beating coverage from HOST, and expect much more about WBC All-Stars right here on Sprudge in the coming weeks.

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