Los Angeles, April 3rd, 2024Proper Syrup, the trailblazing brand that’s redefining the role of syrups in specialty coffee, is holding a Proper Syrup Drink Competition at SCA 2024. World-class baristas will compete in a signature drink competition using Proper Syrup ingredients, for a grand prize of $5,000. Attendees are invited to witness the artistry and creativity of these talented baristas as they craft innovative drinks that highlight the potential of Proper Syrup’s products. For more details on the competition, follow Proper Syrup on Instagram.

In addition to the competition, Proper Syrup will be showcasing their latest syrup additions to their collection: Strawberry Syrup and Pistachio Syrup.

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Crafted with the same commitment to quality and integrity that Proper Syrup is known for, the Strawberry Syrup is made with organic agave and real sugar. This carefully curated blend perfectly complements the unique flavor profiles of specialty coffee, elevating the taste experience without overpowering the nuances of the coffee itself.

“We created Proper Syrup because we believe that syrups shouldn’t compromise the quality of specialty coffee,” said brand founder. “Our Strawberry Syrup is a really unique and bold addition to the library of flavors and we can’t wait to see what the coffee community creates with it.”

In addition to the Strawberry Syrup, Proper Syrup is also promoting their Pistachio Syrup as a limited edition as part of their spring lineup. Both syrups are available for purchase online at propersyrup.com and at the SCA 2024 event in Chicago.

About Proper Syrup
Proper Syrup is a high-end specialty coffee syrup brand that believes syrups shouldn’t suck. With decades of experience in the coffee industry, the team behind Proper Syrup was frustrated by the lack of quality syrups that could complement the carefully sourced and meticulously prepared specialty coffee. They set out to create a truly natural syrup that doesn’t sacrifice taste, texture, or integrity.

Made from real, organic ingredients and specifically tailored to support the unique flavor profiles of specialty coffee, Proper Syrup is the perfect addition to any coffee beverage, from espresso and cappuccinos to lattes and pour-overs. With Proper Syrup, coffee lovers can enjoy the best of both worlds: exceptional coffee and delicious, complementary syrups.

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