After two day intense days of coffee competition, we’re in the home stretch. We’ve reached the final day of competition at the 2024 US Coffee Championships in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

For the competitors in the US Barista Championships and US Brewers Cup, the thrilling conclusion is but a heart beat away. After completing both Round One and the Semi-Finals, we have reached the final six for each event. Meanwhile, there’s still quite a bit of hill to climb for the Cup Tasters, who have the Quater-Finals, Semi-Finals, and Finals still to come on Sunday. That’s a lot of Sunday slurpin’.

But we’ll save that until tomorrow. For now, let’s take a look at everyone competing on Sunday of the 2024 US Coffee Championships.

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sprudge usbc day2 brewersfinalists

Brewers Cup

10:20am Peace Sakulclanuwat (she/her) – Coffee Project NY – New York, NY
11:20am Hugo Cano (he/him) – Amberson Coffee – Indianapolis, IN
12:20pm Weihong Zhang (he/him) – BlendIn Coffee Club – Houston, TX
1:20pm Pack Katisomsakul (he/him) – Newbery Street Coffee Roasters – Boston, MA
2:20pm Marc Chiusano (he/him) – Flux Coffee – Farmingdale, NY
3:20pm Andy Sprenger (he/him) – Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters – Lakewood, CO

sprudge usbc day2 baristafinalists

Barista Championship

10:00am Frank La (he/him) – Be Bright Coffee – Log Angeles, CA
11:00am Meg Skop (she/her) – The Coffee Movement – San Francisco, CA
12:00pm Morgan Eckroth (they/she) – Onyx Coffee Lab – Portland, OR
1:00pm Kay Cheon (he/him) – Dune Coffee – Santa Barbara, CA
2:00pm Jason Yeo (he/him) – Saint Frank Coffee – San Francisco, CA
3:00pm Rafael Levy Diner (he/him) – Onyx Coffee Lab – Rogers, AR

sprudge usbc day2 cuptasting

Cup Tasters (Quarter-Finalists)

9:40am Heat One
Tony Auger (he/him) – Goshen Coffee – Edwardsville, IL
Bear Soliven (he/him) – Onyx Coffee Lab – Fayetteville, AR
Samuel Demisse (he/him) – Keffa Coffee, LLC – Baltimore, MD
Inwook Park (he/him) – The Roasterie – Olathe, KS

10:40am Heat Two
Helen Choi (she/her) – Luce Coffee Roasters – Houston, TX
Britteny Gross (she/her) – Speedwell Coffee – Plymouth, MA
Konoka Hattori (she/her) – Onyx Coffee Lab – Rogers, AR
Ryan Sullivan (he/him) – Mostra Coffee – San Diego, CA

11:40am Heat Three
Luke Jung (he/him) – Luce Coffee Roasters – Houston, TX
Josh Neibert (he/him) – Keffa Coffee, LLC – Baltimore, MD
Jie Jiang (he/him) – Less and More Coffee – Portland, OR
Sean Coyne (he/him) – Brio Coffeeworks – Burlington, VA

12:40pm Heat Four
Tom Bomford (he/him) – Black Fox Coffee – New York, NY
Mehmet Sogan (he/him) – Memli Coffee Lab – San Diego, CA
Kimhak Em (he/him) – Pair Cupworks – Tempe, AZ
Hyacinth Rios (they/them) – Coffee Project NY – Long Island City, NY

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