The folks at La Marzocco have been keeping themselves busy. In September of last year, they rolled out their first ever grinder, the home-user focused Pico. Then in February, they completely redesigned the Linea Mini. Now, La Marzocco is turning their attention to the commercial market. The Italian espresso machine manufacturer has announced the release of their first in-house-designed commercial grinder, the Swan, and it comes loaded with some serious new features.

Like the Pico with the Linea Mini, the Swan takes many of its design cues from the KB90.  But the Swan is more than just muscular geometry, what’s under the hood is even more impressive. La Marzocco set out to solve two major issues with commercial grinding: grind retention and consistency.

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The culprit of grind retention is often static electricity build-up, especially in the grinding chamber. To solve this, La Marzocco simply did away with the grinding chamber for their stepless grinder. Using an electrical field to remove the static, the ground coffee falls straight from the burrs, through the chute, and into the portafilter, reducing the grind retention.

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That burr, an 83mm conical, is at the heart of the Swan’s consistency. The burr is belt-driven, allowing the engine to be house away from the burrs themselves, which helps reduce heat. And thanks to its larger size, the burr is further able to perform while producing less heat by requiring fewer rotation to grind. Capable of grinding four grams of coffee per second, the Swan needs only 10 total rotations of the burr to produce a similar output of other grinders requiring 110. And using an “advanced motor control,” the Swan is able to maintain a consistent speed throughout the entirety of the grind.

More details about the La Marzocco’s Swan, including price, release date, more tech specs, etc. will be released in the coming days and months. And with the SCA Expo taking place this weekend in Chicago, one would expect attendees to get a firsthand look at the latest offering. For more information, visit La Marzocco’s official website.

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