ADHD Coffee Kids

Once a classroom terror, now a Mom Blog icon, meet little Rowan Haskell, the boy whose mother treats his ADHD by dosing him up with milky coffee. Rowan gets his caffeine fix once in the morning and once in the afternoon, with mom reporing that it keeps him focused and calm. Rowan (or rather, Rowan’s mother) should really take the next step and try some ridiculous honey washed or natural coffees. I’m sure the now-soporific tween would appreciate some fruit-bomb complexity rather than the brackish brew his mama is servin’ up in that old french press.



  1. dlodewyk

    20 September

    Like you have ever served Steve Jobs coffee. Get out of here!

  2. Valerian

    18 September

    yeey! my kids drink coffee in da morning. special blend 3decaf:1caf + steamed milk. my next step is to teach my son to pull shots! (he is only 6). My daughter(3) will yell at me and punish me if I mess up the ratio, or if the milk is too cold or too hot. God! She is worse then Steve Jobs :)))))

  3. Emily

    18 September

    MeEeeeeeeee ToooooOooooo!!!!

  4. dlodewyk

    16 September

    HEY! It works for me! It is probably the reason I work with coffee. Self medication FTW!

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