We’re not exactly sure how we got our hands on a second-hand stained copy of “Coffeeshop Crushes“, the 2001 Portland-based ‘zine conceived inside the original Stumptown. But it’s been fun to read ten years after its first printing. Featuring a comic by Stumptown’s incredible Tim Root and over twenty clove cigarette and chai tinged tales of twenty-something woe.

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Coffeeshop Crushes #1 and our favorite story, "You're Too Weird"

With contributions from folks like Too Much Coffee Man’s Shannon Wheeler, Brainfag comix dude Nate Beaty, and Constant Rider‘sKate Lopresti, Coffeeshop Crushes is one big ball of sexual frustration and nerve-shattering caffeine! As raunchy and graphic as it is sweet and coy, Coffeeshop Crushes is 32 pages of sex, lies, and über-embarrassing shoot-downs. 

It’s still available at Microcosm Publishing for a sliding scale price (we’re not kidding) starting at $2, and worth every penny for the Tim Root art alone.

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