Valentine’s Day is the day of love! Here’s 19 delicious coffees to share with your booboo on V-Day, or any day. For our single friends – you are valued and loved very much, and also you should consider going to a bar or something tonight, cos them’s easy pickings. For our friends who don’t like Valentine’s Day – that’s cool, you do you. Tomorrow is Friday, and we can all agree to be excited about that! 

Verve Coffee Roasters Ethiopia Michiti – The tasting notes on this coffee say it’s “deep and heavy”, like the abiding love you have for your sugar boo-boo. Plus it tastes like “cherry liqueur”, and on V-day we all know where THAT’s heading…

Stumptown Coffee Roasters Panama Esmeralda – Do you treat your lover like a treasured jewel on Valentine’s Day? Then this just might be the coffee for you! It’s refined, like your dashing paramour, yet highly valued, like a precious fine wine. Sounds like love to us!

Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters Rwanda Nyamasheke – This coffee is fully washed, just like you should be before your big V-Day date!

Greenway Coffee Company Finca San Jose – The flavor notes for this coffee sound like a dip in some dreamy spa bath. Plus it brings together tangerine and coconut, long known as two of the most erogenous fruits.

Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters Amaro Gayo Natural – Imagine a bold, natural beauty with a thick, chocolatey, luscious body. She’s sweet, she’s rich, and she’s got a certain something you’ll never forget. Ooooh, baby, hubba hubba.

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Barismo Buna Esperanza – What a coincidence! Your coffee tastes like stone fruit, and your valentine is a stone cold fox. Take a big bite into those caramel apple notes, and catch up on all you been missing.

Counter Culture Coffee PNG Baroida –  Maybe you’ve never had a PNG coffee that met your high romantic standards? Well look no further. This exotic treasure from the east is just ready and waiting to be enjoyed on Valentine’s Day.

Kuma Coffee Guatemala Hunapu – A gentle fog surrounds your Seattle skybox condo apartment, facing the Puget Sound. It’s still dark, and while your love slumbers you gently prepare a small tray of treats to share for breakfast. Precious chocolates. Fresh cut melons. Peach candies. A Chemex of this lovely coffee. As dawn breaks, you greet the day by together exploring a bevvy of sensory delights. The seagulls call, the ferries come and go, and through the fog you can almost smell the sea…

Four Barrel Coffee Rwanda Catacaga – So your Valentine’s Day date situation is going pretty well – dinner was great, the wine even better, but maybe your sugar honey boo boo wants a nightcap before heading off to whatever you’ve got planned next (nudge nudge, wink wink). Luckily you know just what order: “We’ll have two kir royales, please.” That is pretty much what this coffee tastes like.

Dogwood Coffee Company Costa Rica Nereo Ramirez – The perfect Valentine’s Day coffee, because it’s hand-picked by a husband and wife team! Nereo and Elida Ramirez want you to be happy; let the sweetness of their love brighten your Valentine’s Day.

Batdorf & Bronson Guatemala Antigua Finca El Valle – Elegantly balanced, bold, lush and intense – we’re in love! Do the right thing and settle down with this coffee from B&B you can take home to mom.

MADCAP Coffee Costa Rica La Guaria – Sometimes coffee buyers have to play the field first before they find true love. The team at MADCAP “tasted over one hundred of this mill’s finest coffees” before falling in love with La Guaria. Everyone’s path to happiness is different; what matters is that you’re happy.

Ceremony Coffee Roasters Rwanga Gitesi – This coffee sounds like our old Jr. High crush: “Cherry Pixy Stix and hibiscus aromatics. Pink Lady apple, rose hips, and currant in a honeyed cup.” Wonder what she’s up to now…hope it’s a happy Valentine’s Day!

Caffe Ladro Colombia La Plata – Is your love direct? Is your devotion singular? This coffee from Colombia is direct trade, single origin, and the perfect compliment for a love that’s steamy as Medellin in a rain storm.

Dallis Bros. Kenya Karindundu Nyeri – Are you looking to slip into something a little more comfortable? This coffee is described as being “delicate and silky”, like a Japanese kimono or maybe a pair of silk manties. Plus it’s got guava flavor notes, and you know what they say about guava…

Equator Coffees and Teas Peru Cajamarca Fair Trade Organic – Organic bath salts. Organically harvested wild greens, in a salad with organic cheeses and an organic grass-fed protein of some kind. If your sugar boo-boo wants to go organic for Valentine’s Day, consider picking this little green doozy up from Equator Coffees and Teas. The finer things in life are compostable, y’all!

Intelligentsia Ljulu Lipati Peaberry Zambia – Sometimes a stranger can turn into the love of your life. This Valentine’s Day, try some coffee from a country you’ve probably never seen on a coffee bag before – Zambia! It’s rare, with a velvety body…just like that stranger you met so long ago.

Olympia Coffee Roasting Angel Carillo Micro Lot – Your Valentine’s Day prix fixe dinner is winding down, and they’ve just landed two delectable desserts in front of you: melon sorbet, and toasted homemade marshmallows. The longer you linger at the table, the more you fall in love.

PT’s Coffee Cerro Las Ranas – To you, the love of your life is a perfect 10. To PT’s, this very special coffee from El Salvador scores a solid series of 9’s across the board. So which is it? Drink a cup with your booboo – together that experience is at least an 11.

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