Wild Wild West Week at Intelli Venice Slow Bar

Wild Wild West Week at Intelli Venice Slow Bar

Giddyup, saddle rash, and mosey them weary doggies on down to the Intelligentsia Venice slow bar. In the coming week they’ll be servin’ up some wild west themed coffee drinks, courtesy of this feller named Logan O’Brien. We’re told he poured a capp in Reno, just to watch it die…on the bar. One tough hombre, willing to get dressed up in his fancy duds and take some pictures out in the unforgiving desert landscape, along with them mean old jack rabbits and that killer cacti. Here’s what he’ll be servin’ up to your and yer thirsty hoss:

The first three drinks are each a representation of one of the major acids. The Old Fashioned will serve as the introduction to understanding citric acid, the Green Apple Highball to malic acid, and the Tamarind to tartaric. A sample of whichever acid the drink represents will be presented along with the drink, so the customer can hopefully gain a deeper understanding of what acidity is.

The Old Fashioned will be a spin on the whiskey cocktail. So I’m going to be using a citrus infusion and am working on making nonalcoholic bitters for it. The Green Apple Highball is one I’m working out some kinks with, but it’s going to have either green apple juice, or a green apple infusion cooked up in a siphon. It’s going to be cut with white cranberry juice, shaken, and served in a chilled glass. The Tamarind Highball will be espresso, tamarind paste, and simple syrup shaken and served in a chilled glass. The Sour will be lemon juice/simple syrup, and espresso shaken with egg whites, served in a chilled glass, with a citrus peel lit on fire and snapped over it for added zest. And the Black Flag is a sweet shaken beverage with molasses, honey, and espresso.

Sounds like one a them froofroo barista competitions y’all been hitching yer donkey cart to as of late. The grizzled old prospector in all of us wants to know, how much for three fingers of something brown? And does this saloon rent rooms? I ain’t had a bath since Tucson.



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