The Western Regional Barista Championship starts tomorrow, in the sunny, smoggy playground that is Los Angeles, California. Here’s your list of competitors and their scheduled competition times.


Ryan “Big Guns” Wilbur (Intelligentsia): 11:15 AM

Dallas “Dallas” Maxwell (Fix Coffee): 11:34 AM

Erick Annonson (Chocolate Fish): 11:53 AM

Veronica Ruckman (Bellano Coffee): 12:12 PM

Jennifer Merket (Mokka): 12:31 PM

Caressa Bohrer (K Bay Caffe): 12:50 PM

Gabe Combs (Intelligentsia): 1:09 PM

Pete Licata (Honolulu Coffee Roasters): 1:28 PM

Mario Pacheco (Independent): 1:47 PM

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Michael Richardson (Kean Coffee): 2:06 PM

Joshua Longsdorf (Ritual Coffee Roasters): 2:25 PM

Matthew “Brewhaha” Barahura (Independent): 2:44 PM

Timothy Truby (Verve Coffee Roasters): 3:03 PM

Andrew Lopez (Bloom Coffee and Tea): 3:22 PM

Carlos Garcia (Tierra Mia Coffee Co): 3:41 PM


Ben Lance (Independent): 11:15 AM

Sara Peterson (Verve Coffee Roasters): 11:35 AM

Kristina Frey (Ritual Coffee Roasters): 11:53 AM

Campbell Scarborough (Fix Coffee): 12:12 PM

Nicole Mournian (Intelligentsia Coffee): 12:31 PM

Shane Richardson (Kean Coffee): 12:50 PM

Mitch “The Stitch” Houseman (Independent): 1:09 PM

Myra Castillo (Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf): 1:28 PM

Kyle Baumann (Chocolate Fish): 1:47 PM

Chris Baca (Verve Coffee Roasters): 2:06 PM

Alexandra Baird (The Daily Grind): 2:25 PM

Row Aczon (Honolulu Coffee Co): 2:44 PM

Chase Charifa (Independent): 3:03 PM

Devin Pedde (Intelligentsia Coffee): 3:22 PM

Julia “John” Mayer (The French Press): 3:41 PM

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