I hope you haven’t already exhausted all your PTO for 2025 because the coffee events calendar is getting crowded. The Specialty Coffee Association announced that World of Coffee will be heading to Geneva, Switzerland for the first time ever in June of 2025.

Announced via press release yesterday, May 28th, Geneva is the third World of Coffee event scheduled for 2025, with the first two—Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Jakarta, Indonesia—having already been announced. Couple that with the 2025 World Barista Championship taking place in Milan, Italy as part of HostMilano, and that’s a lot of international travel. (To say nothing of the already planned 2026 World of Coffee in Panama.)

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The event will take place at Palexpo Exhibition and Convention Center, one of the country’s “largest international conference and exhibition centers,” per the press release—between Thursday, June 26th and Saturday the 28th. As a host city, Geneva makes a lot of sense. Beyond its immense natural beauty, a significant portion of global coffee trading takes place there.

“Geneva is the perfect host for World of Coffee 2025, offering a vibrant, forward-thinking environment,” said Yannis Apostolopoulos, CEO of the Specialty Coffee Association. “Switzerland’s relationship with coffee began with the grand European coffee houses of the 17th century and continues today with thriving food and beverage, hospitality, and technology industries shaping the entire coffee value chain. As a city known for its innovation and global connectivity, Geneva provides an ideal platform for driving advancements in the specialty coffee industry. World of Coffee Geneva will harness the city’s rich resources and strategic position to foster groundbreaking ideas and collaborations, ultimately making coffee better for everyone involved.”

World of Coffee Geneva will host “exclusive World of Coffee show features and learning opportunities including Roaster Villages, SCA Lecture Series, Workshops, an expanded exhibition space, the Best New Product and Coffee Design Awards, an extensive calendar of community and social events, the SCA Community Lounge,” and more. The full roster of events will be released over the coming year as the time draws closer.

For more information, visit World of Coffee’s official website.

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