Two Leaves and a Bud has long been known for organic, high-quality, whole-leaf tea sachets, but there’s a whole world of flavor beyond that. Today, they’re introducing the new Barista Matcha latte blend and Chef’s Matcha powdered matcha, both made with high-quality Japanese matcha and designed for food service customers.

Interest in matcha in the US is believed to have jump-started in 2015. Since then, the market for matcha has only grown. In the last few years, Americans have consumed nearly half of Japan’s matcha exports.  After the successful launch of Nice Matcha seven years ago, the company decided to expand its matcha range. Two Leaves and a Bud is notoriously picky about tea, and these high-quality matcha blends are no different.

“Like everything we do we wanted fabulous flavor, color, feel, and overall experience, so we took our time to develop a matcha latte blend and ceremonial matcha that met our standards, explains Richard Rosenfeld, Founder of Two Leaves and a Bud. “Since then our range has expanded to cover the entire range of coffee shop needs from a premium culinary matcha, to different sweetness levels of easy-to-prep matcha,” he says.

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Consumers are asking for healthy, delicious beverage options, and matcha fits the bill. It’s a simple, natural product that’s easy to understand. Matcha has higher levels of the same components found in green tea, like L-theanine, which is being studied for its effects on health. Matcha is, by default, vegan and gluten-free, and it can be a versatile canvas for different complementary flavors.

Summer months are a popular time for matcha, with iced drinks popping up on menus nationwide. This year we’ve seen new menu items from national cafes offering matcha drinks with lavender, oat milk, or boba-style bubbles and jellies. Drinks like iced matcha and vanilla lattes are on trend and in demand for Gen Z. You’ll find matcha in drinks and desserts across the country, from San Francisco and New York to Houston.

Barista Matcha is one of the latest additions to the Two Leaves and a Bud matcha family. It’s an easy-to-use matcha latte blend for busy cafés and hospitality businesses.  Made with pure 100% Japanese matcha and cane sugar, it’s a touch sweeter than the best-selling Nice Matcha but still contains less sugar than most blends on the market.

“Matcha has a bold personality that stands up well in lattes plus pairs well with a variety of other flavors,” says Jen Okeson, Two Leaves and a Bud VP of Sales. The only limit is your imagination, and baristas can add their own spin to matcha lattes with pairings like strawberry or maple.

Chef’s Matcha is a single-ingredient unsweetened matcha powder made for everyday versatility. It’s a high-quality matcha that is perfect for smoothies, custom lattes, baking, ice cream, or whatever you can dream up! It’s 100% pure culinary matcha, which brings a bright green color and a balanced, nuanced flavor.

About Two Leaves and a Bud
Two Leaves and a Bud is an independent beverage company based in Basalt, CO. For 20 years, our goal has been to make great tea simple, profitable and enjoyable. Our passion is connecting tea lovers with teas they love and introducing new tea drinkers to truly great tea. At Two Leaves and a Bud we take tea – and your business – personally. No matter what your wholesale tea needs are, we’ve got you covered.

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