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It’s finally time! The 2014 World Aeropress Championship is here! In a little over three weeks, the world coffee community will descend on Rimini, Italy for the World Barista ChampionshipWorld Brewers Cup, and to kick it all off with a party, the World Aeropress Championship. This year’s event (the seventh annual!) features an esteemed judging panel that includes 2004 World Barista Champion Tim Wendelboe (of Tim Wendelboe), 2007 World Barista Champion James Hoffmann (of Square Mile Coffee), and Tim Styles (of Workshop Coffee). MC duties at the event will be handled by global coffee consultant Ben Kaminsky and World AeroPress Championship ombudsman Tim Varney. This heated competition will be soundtracked by DJ Sprudge, and we’ll also be documenting the excitement for all eternity via the @SprudgeLive Twitter feed.

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The humble Aeropress has gone from esoteric coffee totem to world coffee sensation. We recently interviewed Aeropress inventor and Aerobie founder Alan Adler, and have been rabidly documenting the exploding competitive Aeropress scene, including in Japan and the United States. This year there were over thirty national competitions, featuring some of the most incredible poster design we’ve seen. Tonight in Melbourne, the Australian Aeropress Championships goes down at Filter, with DJs Sprudge and Mark W Free. The event is also the launch of Birds of Unusual Vitality Volume 2, the first book from Sprudge Publishing.

The World Aeropress Championship happens Monday, June 9th at the Turquoise Beach Club (Viale Lungomare Tintori, 6 – 47921). The event is co-hosted by La Marzocco, who will be having a barbecue and providing “appropriate refreshments”. The Coffee Partner for the event is Cafe Imports, with additional support from Aerobie, Marco, Bonavita and VST, who’ll bring their patented ‘Extract-o-vision’ by VST live competitor extraction for maximum geekery at this event. 

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Competitor entry sign-ups are here. Much more information is available at the World AeroPress Championship’s official website

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