Let’s start beating the drum now, folks: Melbourne, Australia is set to become the global hub of specialty coffee happenings focused around the 2013 World Barista Championship and Melbourne International Coffee Expo. You’ll hear lots more from us about these events in the coming weeks, but today we’re excited to break details on the upcoming World Aeropress Championship, to be held Friday, May 24th at the Australian Barista Academy. This event is hosted by our partners at Five Senses Coffee.

Here’s the world’s first look at the official WAC poster:


In addition to the Aeropress goodness, there’s a ping pong tourney afoot, plus live commentary from Your Sprudge Editors (we’ll also be giving away limited edition merch) and all manner of food and drink. Tim Wendelboe himself will adjudicate the proceedings, alongside All-Pro Cup Tasters deacon Ben Kaminsky and Market Lane‘s own Fleur Studd.

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Here’s more info on the event, straight from WAC:

Competitors will be feeling the vibe from the Nordic Approach, and their unshakable coffee from the epic Gitchathaini from the Gikanda Cooperative in Nyeri, Kenya will be the coffee for the competitors. This is as f-f-fresh as it gets.

Expect a Super Bowl amount of ridiculousness, with the commentary box filled with expert opinion, interviews and live commentary from Sprudge.com.

For the viewing public, there’ll be burgers from Huxtaburger and fitting Aussie beer and wine.

The WACs will share the limelight with the equally electrifying Five Senses Ping Pong Tournament. You’ll be able to sign up (representing a coffee roaster or cafe, both singles and doubles tournaments) on the night. Huge cash prizes and ping pong glory!

Competitors need announce their willingness to compete via email. Priority will be given to the winners of national competitions. Rules will be updated in the coming days and details on getting your hands on the competition coffee will be posted soon too.

Aussie readers, you can still duke it out for a bid at representing your host nation at the 2013 WAC in Melbourne. The Australian Aeropress Championship will be held on May 20th at Market Lane Coffee, and the event begins that evening at 5pm. More details on the AAC coming soon, but in the meantime sign ups are graciously awaiting your email.

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