When well-executed, and with the right roster of stars, a new blog can go from non-existent to essential overnight. Meet Wet Mill, a Tumblr blog focused on public questions, answers and essays (sometimes all at once) from some of coffee’s most muckity mucks:

Within the coffee industry, how coffee varieties impact taste is a relatively marginalized topic; among most coffee drinkers, itโ€™s hardly a consideration. Most identify coffee by origin – the country, or region, or farm – rather than variety.

Should we pay closer attention to varieties? What is the impact on flavor? A spirited exchange followed on Twitter, and after some discussion it was decided to move the conversation to Tumblr, where the character counts arenโ€™t limited and where the dialogue, hopefully, will be easier to follow.

The dream team includes: James Hoffmann and Anette Moldvaer of Square Mile Coffee Roasters; Peter Giulliano, of Counter Culture Coffee; Pontus Dahlstrรถm, of Maaemo; George Howell, of George Howell Coffee; Geoff Watts, of Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea; Tim Wendelboe, of Tim Wendelboe; and Oliver Strand, who will be administering / administrating the site. In addition, 49th Parallel green buyer Mette-Marie Hansen and Wrecking Ball Coffee’s Nick Cho have been linked through the site with their opinions on variety.

The blog updates regularly, and there’s already some fascinating discussion afoot.

Check out Wet Mill here on Tumblr.