I’m always reminded that National Coffee Day exists by a marked uptick in PR blasts finding their way to my inbox. Most follow the form, “Just In Time For National Coffee Day, [Brand] is releasing a cool [uncool thing]!” And as my bloated inbox has informed me, that time is once again upon us—September 29th to be exact—and admittedly, not all of the celebrations are terrible this year. Take for example the geniuses/stoners over at Krispy Kreme who posited, “What if we make our coffee taste like donuts and our donuts taste like coffee?”

You gotta admit, Krispy Kreme knows how to stay in their lane but makes sure to use every part of it. Starting Monday of next week, the donut shop with “brew doughnuts and glaze coffee,” per the press release, an idea that no doubt stemmed from someone doing a little “grew and blaze” at home from the “tomato plants” hiding in a secret closet somewhere. From September 24th through the 30th, Krispy Kreme will be topping their donuts with a “coffee glaze” as well as releasing an Original Glazed™ coffee, the latter to become a permanent fixture at participating stores.

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To celebrate, Krispy Kreme is giving away donut-flavored coffee on National Coffee Day, “any size!”

So if you’ve ever wanted to have whatever it is you call donut- and coffee-based synesthesia, head on over to Krispy Kreme next week. Though I can’t help but wonder, if you want a coffee-flavored thing and a donut-flavored thing, why make the coffee taste like a donut and the donut taste like coffee? Why not just have coffee-flavored coffee and donut-flavored donuts? It’s like my friend Johnny says, “Don’t plan too much. It may not come out right.

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All media via Krispy Kreme

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