For the first week of November, Sprudge.com co-founder Jordan Michelman will be in New Zealand to speak at the 2013 New Zealand Specialty Coffee Association Symposium, which happens in Auckland on November 7th. He joins a speaking panel that includes Sal Malatesta (St. ALi), Peter Giuliano (SCAA Symposium), Al Keating (Coffee Supreme) and more. Immediately following this event in Auckland – which includes a low key speaking enegagement on Friday, the 9th for members of the NZ Barista Guild –  we’re excited to announce our first-ever event in Wellington, New Zealand, hosted by Flight Coffee at the Flight Coffee Hangar (171 – 177 Willis St – entrance on Dixon St).

The event begins at 6:30pm with a mellow-as version of Mr. Michelman’s Symposium talk, for NZBGA members unable to make the trip up to Auckland for the main event. From there we’ll transition into an evening of cocktails (including a special Sprudgey cocktail or two) and a DJ Sprudge set in the lovely Hangar environs. Tickets are $20 as sold through the New Zealand Barista Guild – please learn more and purchase tickets here.

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What will Jordan talk about? 

As touched on in our recent post on the upcoming NZSCA event: “His talk will touch on the growth of specialty coffee journalism, from a niche sub-genre dominated by trade publications to a worldwide phenomenon pursued by the largest news organizations on the planet. Attendees will learn more about Sprudge.com’s model of buying content from our writers and photographers, and how our model is bucking the prevailing trend of trade and digital media by paying for content, while remaining sustainable, exciting, and just a little weird, frankly. We’re really proud of our contributors – many of whom have an impressive CV of writing for other outlets – and in this talk, Mr. Michelman will lay out our plans for the future of Sprudge, as we grow and refine our Sprudge Omnimedia Empire.”

What will he then be spinning?

That’s a good question. The Flight Hangar looks like a pretty chill place come evening time, so we’ll keep it moving with some head nodders and classic soul selections alike. DJ Sprudge goes on at 9pm. Please join us!

Learn more about Flight Coffee here. Learn more about the New Zealand Specialty Coffee Association Symposium here.  Purchase tickets to this event here.

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