In April of 2022, Weber Workshops is releasing a new portafilter for espresso preparation called the Unifilter. For about a hundred years, the basic construction of the portafilter has remained the same. Weber Workshops decided to change that.

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The Unifilter is a portafilter created from a single piece of stainless steel. No more removable basket and crevices for espresso gunk to build up over time. No more citric acid or vinegar baths to remove grime. Use it, rinse it, wipe it, and it stays endlessly clean. Since the basket is not subjected to repeated acid baths, it will last virtually forever.

traditional portafilter with removable basket next to new unifilter

And it goes deeper than that. The espresso basket, until now, has been a deep-drawn sheet of stainless steel with punched holes in the bottom. This was an inexpensive and efficient way to make something that works. However, this manufacturing process limits both the shapes of the side walls (they need draft, which results in slanted walls), and the proximity of the holes to those walls, which is not optimal for even extraction throughout the puck. With the Unifilter’s unibody construction, the inner walls are perfectly vertical, and the holes aren’t “punched” all at once. They are laser ablated, one by one, with an even pattern right up to the vertical walls. And since the Unifilter is one big mass of stainless steel, heat retention is also significantly improved. There is no difference in temperature between the portafilter body and the basket, as they are now the same piece.

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comparing traditional basket with 48mm of screen with 58mm unifilter basket.

The handles use a stainless steel core throughout the entire length to give the portafilter heft and strength. There are two versions of the handle: one in a black FKM rubber (like formula 1 engine gaskets), and one in solid teak finished in German non-VOC oil.

Douglas Weber, the inventor of this revolutionary device, mentioned that:

“The portafilter, while at the center of espresso creation, is a long-overlooked tool that was in need of a revolution. The Unifilter is a cleaner, easier to use tool that helps improve the process of extraction.”

Used in conjunction with Weber’s EPFs (Espresso Paper Filter), releasing the same day as the Unifilter, and the included mesh flow disruptor, a barista can unlock more from your espresso shot than has ever been possible. Improved extraction means less wasted shots, and that in turn means less wasted coffee. Heirloom construction and the elimination of the need for acid baths is both more hygienic and more environmentally friendly in the long run.

Included in the package with each purchase:

• One Unifilter, with either FKM Rubber or Teak handle.
• One pack of 100 EPFs (Espresso Paper Filter)
• One Stainless Steel mesh flow disruptor fitted for the unifilter (to sit above puck)

Other product details

• Price: $365 (FKM Rubber Handle), $395 (Teak Handle)
• Size: 220mm x 85mm x 30mm (8.6″ length, 3.3″ width, 1.2″ high) •Weight: 18oz (520g)
• Compatibility: Fits all standard 58mm portafilter groups with exposed group (La Marzocco, Slayer, Synesso, Kees VanDer Westen, Rocket, Legit, E61 group head, etc.)

The product may be viewed in more detail at

This press release was provided to Sprudge for Sprudge Press Releases. Interested in submitting a press release? Get in touch!