WBC 2010 Mop-Up: World Aereopress Champion Marie H...

WBC 2010 Mop-Up: World Aereopress Champion Marie Hagemeister

Victory Marie!

The SCAE 2010 was one of the most mammoth events in the history of coffee. Beneath its gargantuan umbrella dwelt numerous competitions, demos, informal hullabaloos, and all manner of chances for international glory and infamy. No one man could attend it all, and our main focus was the WBC, but we’re more than happy to provide a bit of mop-up for you with regards to the other happenings.

With that in mind, meet Marie Hagemeister, your 2010 World Aeropress Champion!

Marie fought her way through 3 rounds of heated battle, featuring fierce competition from an international who’s-who of gladiators. including James Hoffmann, Nick Cho, Steven Leighton, Ben Kaminsky, Chris Kavrakos, and more.

Bronze Piston

Marie’s victory earned her quite a prize pack. Aside from international honor and endless bragging rights, Marie took home the Baratza Virtuoso grinder, her very own Aeropress and Mypressi Twist, a copy of “Coffee With Tim Wendelboe” (the caps lock MUST-HAVE book at this year’s SCAE), and best of all, an exclusive and fabulous Bronze Piston, designed by the folks at the World Aeropress Championship. Oh, and certainly not least, one of those cool Square Mile Coffee frisbees we saw twirling about the backstage area.

Congratulations to Marie, and to all the competitors at this year’s WAC!

(Photos courtesy of Liz Clayton and WAC.wordpress)



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