Mike & Raul

Here’s your final placings, and CONGRATULATIONS TO 2010 WORLD BARISTA CHAMPION MIKE PHILLIPS, Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea, and all of this week’s competitors, semi-finalists, and finalists.

Stephanos Domatiotis

6. Stephanos Domatiotis, Greece – Cafe TAF

Soren Stiller Markussen

5. Soren Stiller Markussen, Denmark – former SCAE Denmark National Coordinator

Colin Harmon (right)

4. Colin Harmon, Ireland – 3FE

Scottie Callaghan

3. Scottie Callaghan, Australia – Belaroma Coffee

Raul Rodas

2. Raul Rodas, Guatemala – Technochef

Mike Phillips

1. Mike Phillips, USA – Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea