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Here at Sprudge this is our very favorite time of the year; we are of course referring to Sprudgies Season, and the ongoing vote for finalists at the 12th Annual Sprudgie Awards presented by Pacific Barista Series.

From a global pool of nominees comes a final list of finalists: eight choices per each category, plus the opportunity to write-in the candidate of your choice. We’ve been celebrating each of these categories across social media over the last week, but hearts and RTs count for bupkiss—what matters is the vote. Voting is happening right now, and will continue apace through Sunday, January 3rd, 2021 at 11:59 PM PST.

Please vote using the ballot here, and share this post to encourage your communities to vote. Voting is absolutely free and open to all thanks to our sponsors at Pacific Barista Series. Thank you, Pacific!

Go vote! And read on to learn more about this year’s Sprudgie Award finalists.

Notable Roaster

This award honors a roaster doing exemplary work in 2020. This may include roasted coffee quality, the strength of e-commerce, cafe locations (if applicable), and all other facets of running a successful coffee roaster.

Portrait Coffee (Atlanta, GA)
Tectonic Coffee (Los Angeles, CA)
Morgon Coffee Roasters (Gothenburg, Sweden)
Onyx Coffee Lab (Rogers, AR)
Three Marks Coffee (Barcelona, Spain)
Black and White Coffee Roasters (Wake Forest, NC)
49th Parallel Coffee Roasters (Vancouver, BC)
Blossom Coffee Roasters (Manchester, England)

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Notable Coffee Producer

This award honors outstanding work by a coffee producer.

Anny Ruth (El Salvador)
Ana Mustafa (Colombia)
Gilberto Baraona (El Salvador)
Juan Peña (Ecuador)
Gare Ware Jilo (Ethiopia)
Ato Tesfaye Bekele (Ethiopia)
Rosalba Cifuentes Tovia (Mexico)
Virgelina Perdomo (Colombia)

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Best New Product

This award honors a new coffee product released for sale to the public in the year 2020.

Ode Brew Grinder by Fellow Products
Reusable Linen Filter by Crooked Nose & Coffee Stories
Peak Water
Bosgaurus Sua Da
Rishi Sparkling Botanicals
Oxo Brew 8-Cup Coffee Maker

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Best Coffee Video/Film

This award honors an original coffee video or film released in the year 2020. This can include feature films, short films, promotional videos or social media clips.

Moving Forward, Grahm Doughty
The Global Coffee Crisis Is Coming, Vox
Axel’s Journey, MolcajeteFilms
Dalgona Coffee – Explained and Upgraded, James Hoffmann
No Single Origin, Home Storytellers
Guji Freestyle, Bartholomew Jones
The Barista, Austin Ray Encinias
Coffee Heroes, Jeff Hann

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Best Coffee Writing

This award celebrates the best coffee writing of the year.

Noa Berger
Fabiana Carvalho
Umeko Motoyoshi
Brit Alexandria
Jenn Chen
Sierra Yeo
Katherine LaVeaux
Shirley Li

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Best Coffee Magazine/Book

This award honors an outstanding coffee magazine or print publication release.

The Triumph: Black Brazilians In Coffee by Phyllis Johnson (USA)
Coffee Milk Blood by Vava Angwenyi (Kenya)
Roast Magazine (USA)
Gourmet Cup (France)
Coffee People Zine (USA)
Solo Magazine (Spain)
Standart (Slovak Republic)
Revista Espresso (Brazil)

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Best Social Media

This award honors outstanding work across social media platforms.

@baristalifela (Instagram)
@gillybrewbar (Instagram)
@_coffeefeed (Instagram)
@specialty_pal (Instagram)
@morgandrinkscoffee (TikTok)
@Barista_Seung (Instagram)
@coffeewerkandpress (Instagram)
@cafereina_pdx (Instagram)

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Best Coffee Podcast

This award honors outstanding work in the podcast medium.

Boss Barista
La Crema: Podcast de Cafe
Making Coffee with Lucia Solis
Cat and Cloud
Keys to the Shop
Craft Your Own Coffee Podcast
Trans and Caffeinated
The Cxffeeblack Podcast

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Best Design/Packaging

This work honors notable design or packaging work in coffee. Nominees may include coffee products, coffee bags, coffee logo or graphic design work, or any other example of outstanding coffee design.

Onyx Coffee Lab (Rogers, AR)
On The Go Jo (Chicago, IL)
Brandywine Coffee Roasters (Wilmington, DE)
Cama Coffee (Taipei, Taiwan)
Lykke Kaffegårdar (Farsta, Sweden)
Fritz Coffee (Seoul, South Korea)
Sightglass Coffee (San Francisco, CA)
Three Keys Coffee (Houston, TX)

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Best New Cafe

This award is presented to a cafe that has opened in 2020.

Play Coffee (Fullerton, CA)
Amberson Coffee & Grocer (Indianapolis, IN)
Mina’s World (Philadelphia, PA)
Drip Coffee (Brooklyn, NY)
Coffee Circle (Berlin, Germany)
Parable Coffee (Columbus, OH)
Young & Daughters (Seoul, South Korea)
Cafe Farfelu (Paris, France)

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Sustainable Cafe

This award is presented to a cafe or coffee company for prioritizing sustainable environmental and industry stewardship. This can include zero waste practices, pursuing a reduced carbon footprint, highlighting sustainable coffees and products, and a commitment to equity and industry leadership.

Caravan Coffee Roasters (London, England)
L’Arbre à Café (Paris, France)
Coffee Collective (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Bettr Coffee Co. (Singapore)
Blank Street Coffee (New York City, NY)
Guilder (Portland, OR)
Olympia Coffee Roasters (Olympia, WA)
Kind Cafe (Vancouver, BC)

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Notable Event

Glitter Cat DiGiTiTiON
Barista League: Online
Global Coffee Festival
World’s Largest Coffee Tasting
Sensory Summit
Coffee Chats @ Kore
No Free Coffee Pop Up

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Voting for the 12th Annual Sprudgie Awards presented by Pacific Barista Series closes at 11:59 PM PST on Sunday, January 3rd, 2021.

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