Welcome to the announcements for the 15th Annual Sprudgie Awards presented by Pacific Barista Series, honoring the very best in coffee.

Nominees for each category were chosen by a worldwide public ballot. Public voting for the Sprudgies took place over several weeks in December and January, with the ballot box closing at 11:59 PM on Monday, January 29th, 2024.

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Congratulations to all the nominees—to us, every single 2023 finalist was a winner.

Here are the winners, honorees, and finalists for the 15th Annual Sprudgie Awards, presented by Pacific Barista Series.

Notable Roaster

sprudgie awards 15 notable roaster winner

Winner: Cxffeeblack (Memphis, TN)
Honoree: Coffee Relief (Quito, Ecuador)

Finalists: Dak Coffee Roasters (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
Subko Coffee Roasters (Mumbai, India)
Sunday Coffee Project (Portland, OR)
Switch Coffee Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan)
Tim Wendelboe (Oslo, Norway)
Um Coffee Co. (São Paulo, Brazil)

Notable Coffee Producer

sprudgie awards 15 notable coffee producer

Winner: Pepe Jijón (Ecuador)
Honoree: Diego Bermudez (Colombia)

Finalists: Wilton Benitez (Colombia)
Elias & Shady Bayter (Colombia)
Rosalba Cifuentes Tovía (Mexico)
Pranoy Thipaiah (India)
Peter Mbature (Kenya)
Maricela Esperón (Mexico)

Best New Product

sprudgie awards 15 best new product

Winner: Grind Size Analyzer by Unspecialty
Honoree: Mahlkönig EK Omnia Allround Coffee Grinder

Finalists: Ceado Hoop Coffee Brewer
Comandante C60 Baracuda
Etkin 2-Cup Coffee Dripper
NextLevel Pulsar™ Brewer
Orea Big Boy 2-5 Cup Coffee Brewer
Zerno Z1 Coffee Grinder

Best Coffee Video/Film

sprudgie awards 15 best video film

Winner: “Learn To Pour” by Aramse
Honoree: “Re-Impare: Officine Fratelli Bambi” by Alto Stories

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Finalists: “Café es Lo Que Hacemos, El Retiro es Lo Que Somos” by Cafe Retiro
“Anaerobic Fermentation” by Cafe Imports
“Nguyen Coffee Supply at The U.S. Barista Championship” by Nguyen Coffee Supply
“The Road To Milan” by Wildly
“Jorge Mendez: From Coffee Picker to Coffee Farm Owner” by Mirror Coffee Roasters
“Oppenheimer Coffee” by Quek Shio

Best Coffee Writing

sprudgie awards 15 best writing

Winner: Fabiana Carvalho for “Beyond Freshness: How Packaging Color Influences Consumer Behavior” appearing in 25 Magazine
Honoree: Lukasz Galecki for “Barista Stories” (collected) appearing in European Coffee Trip

Finalists: Christopher Feran (collected work)
Jenn Chen (collected work)
Ashley Rodriguez for Boss Barista
Brit Alexandria Sims for The Non-Binary Barista
Justyna Błaszkiewicz, Ewa Nowakowska-Bogdan, Krzysztof Barabosz et. al for “Effect of green and roasted coffee storage conditions on selected characteristic quality parameters” appearing in Nature
Nick Mabey for “The Case for Canephora” appearing in Standart

Best Coffee Book/Magazine

sprudgie awards 15 best magazine

Winner: Standart Magazine
Honoree: ‘We Belong: An Anthology of Colombian Women Coffee Farmers’ by Lucia Bawot

Finalists: 25 Magazine
Coffee People Zine
‘How To Taste Coffee’ by Jessica Easto
‘The Business of Specialty Coffee’ by Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood
Solo Magazine
The Coffee Magazine

Best Social Media

sprudgie awards 15 best social media

Winner: James Hoffmann on YouTube
Honoree: Brian Quan on YouTube

Finalists: @MorganDrinksCoffee on TikTok
Lance Hedrick on YouTube
@RoasterKat on Instagram
@LailaGhambari on Instagram
Coffee Reviews on YouTube
@CoffeeandLucas on Instagram

Best Coffee Podcast

sprudgie awards 15 best podcast

Winner: Tim Wendelboe Podcast | Apple Podcasts | Spotify
Honoree: Coffee Made Me Do It | Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Finalists: Beans Without Boundaries | Apple Podcasts | Spotify
Boss Barista | Apple Podcasts | Spotify
Hello Judges: The Coffee Competition Podcast | Apple Podcasts | Spotify
Keys to the Shop | Apple Podcasts | Spotify
Making Coffee with Lucia Solis | Apple Podcasts | Spotify
Totally Dissolved | Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Best Design/Packaging

sprudgies awards 15 design

Winner: Onyx Coffee Lab (Rogers, Arkansas)
Honoree: A Matter of Concrete (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)

Finalists: PERC Coffee (Savannah, GA)
Black Label by Black & White Coffee Roasters (North Carolina)
Brandywine Coffee (Wilmington, Delaware)
Maru Coffee (Los Angeles, CA)
Moklair Coffee (Reims, France)
Nemesis Coffee (Vancouver, BC)

Best New Cafe

sprudgie awards 15 best new cafe

Winner: Café Regina (San Juan, Puerto Rico)
Honoree: Dayglow Coffee (Brooklyn, NY)

Finalists: Brew Lab (Dublin, Ireland)
File Systems of Coffee (Los Angeles, CA)
Kite Coffee (Taipei, Taiwan)
Mother Tongue (Oakland, CA)
Nagare Cafe (London, UK)
Now and Then (Nashville, TN)

Sustainable Cafe or Coffee Roaster 

sprudgie award 15 sustainable cafe coffee roaster

Winner: Coffee Relief (Quito, Ecuador)
Honoree: Azahar Coffee (Bogota, Colombia)

Finalists: Buna (Mexico City, Mexico)
Coffea Circulor (Arendal, Norway)
Driftaway Coffee (Brooklyn, NY)
Painted Leopard (Oakland, CA)
Skylark Coffee (Brighton, UK)
Vital Coffee Roasters (Fort Smith, Arkansas)

Notable Event

sprudgie awards 15 notable event

Winner: World of Coffee Athens (Athens, Greece)
Honoree: CafeShow Seoul (Seoul, South Korea)

Finalists: The 2023 SCA Event (Portland, OR)
Glasgow Coffee Festival (Glasgow, Scotland)
SF Coffee Festival (San Francisco, CA)
The Barista League (International)
The Color of Coffee Collective Symposium (Houston, Texas)
Creative Coffee Week (Durban, South Africa)

Outstanding Achievement

sprudgie awards 15 outstanding

This award is presented each year to a remarkable coffee person, organization, cause, or entity that embodies coffee excellence. This year’s slate of Outstanding Achievement nominees are each being recognized as full and rightful winners of a Sprudgie Award. Congratulations to our eight winners of a 2023 Sprudgie Award for Outstanding Achievement!

Nigel Price
Jen Apodaca
Kent Bakke
Will Frith
Juliana Ganan
Lucia Solis
Wendelien van Bunnik
LaNisa Williams

The 15th Annual Sprudgie Awards are presented by Pacific Barista Series.

See all past winners of the Sprudgie Awards.

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