The very first United States Aeropress Championship will be held in conjunction with the grand SCAA Event and USBC this April, at the Oregon Convention Center. The event will take place at the La Marzocco / Marco booth on Friday, April 20th between 11 AM-1 PM. To register for USAC, simply follow this link here. Info for registering should be up before March 12, 2012. The top three competitors at USAC will have a reserved spot for the grand finale World Aeropress Championships, held in Portland straight after the USAC.

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This year’s WAC is going to be intense – it’ll be a competition to even compete – so winning the USAC will be a huge boost. Get to work on your Aeropress brew skills ASAP, and consult this essential Aeropress method guide from 2010 WAC winner Marie Hagemeister. May we offer one piece of advice? Get yourself a couple of liters of Portland-area water, and get a leg up on the competition.

Update: And if you’re in Poland, registration is open now for the Polish Aeropress Championships!

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