This video comes to the world from TresPlace, a new Portland-based blog whose manifesto contains this charming bon mot: “There are major search engines available where coffee shops could be found, but not known.  There is no great story being told, only objective information and crowd sourced material. We are discouraged by the content available.

Their video with Coava is certainly pretty, and features a nice voice over from reigning NWRBC champion Devin Chapman, but egads, the accompanying editorial material TresPlace wrote for this video reads like a Portlandia skit:

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We at TresPlace believe in the power of storytelling.  From oral tradition to hieroglyphics, story telling is a timeless art that will always be relevant.  With the innovation of social and digital media, we believe brands will be able to create deeper connections with their customers by building an audience online through our storytelling emphasis.

TresPlace exists because we believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in thinking differently.

The content available, indeed! You, old soul, can “Sign up here to be among the first to rate, review and claim your TresPlace.

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