Is “Birds of Unusual Vitality” the world’s prettiest coffee website? Is rhetorical supposition an overused editorial device? Probably, and yes.

No, but really, reading Eileen Kenny’s website is like a taking a big, deep, tasteful breath, one that starts from the shoulders and goes all the way down to relax your toes. She’s been featured by DCILY and others, and the interview and photography content Ms. Kenny continues to put out remains of the highest quality. Here’s an excerpt from BUV’s recent interview with Intelligentsia’s Stephen Morrissey:

After he won the World Barista Championship in 2008, Stephen’s trajectory into the competition world was swift. Post-win, Morrissey started judging very quickly, both regionally and internationally, before getting involved with organising committees within WBC and WCE.

While barista competitions may have their critics, Morrissey is a great advocate for their value, “There is no universal certification for a barista. It’s the competition and, at least today, it’s the best course. No matter who says they have great training courses, nothing I’ve seen compares to the results you can yield from training and preparing for competition. That degree of self-scrutiny and questioning your techniques and everything you do will make you better like no training course will. People need to view the competitions as a vehicle for education… it’s a rising tide, you know, it’s not about facilitating just the top of our niche end.”

Go ahead, lose track of some dreaded Monday time and make with the click-click.