Tom Stafford Snorts Mystery Powder At Irish Barist...

Tom Stafford Snorts Mystery Powder At Irish Barista Championship


Snorting signature drinks? Tom Stafford, the owner of the Twisted Pepper in Dublin, Ireland, competed at the Irish Barista Championship earlier today. A short video from his routine was captured by 3FE owner (and Stafford’s former colleague) Colin Harmon, who posted this Instagram a few hours ago:

Comments suggest that the mysterious substance being snorted is caffeine.

In January, Tom Stafford took control of operations at Twisted Pepper. More info via Colin Harmon’s blog:

Tom Stafford has effectively been running the place [Twisted Pepper] for the last 18 months for us and has always harboured ambitions of opening his own place some day. It made a lot of sense for us then to pass the business on to him and give him a leg up the same way that Bodytonic did for us way back in 2009. Since the first day he started with us Tom has shown a huge dedication to the 3FE cause and has worked tirelessly to ensure that the Twisted Pepper shop maintained and even improved its standards over the years.
Tom Stafford (via Colin Harmon)

Tom Stafford (via Colin Harmon)

Could this be a new trend? Will we see this pop up on menus in cafes? Is this the grossest thing a barista competition judge has ever been asked to do?