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We here at Sprudge are huge, outspoken fans of Comedians in Cars – from this early episode with Larry David, to the time Jerry Seinfeld tweeted at us, to the renewal of the show’s second season – it’s safe to say we’re big boosters. We’ve even gone so far as to issue Mr. Seinfeld a coveted Sprudgie award for Best Video, for the show’s emotional episode featuring Michael Richards. So imagine our delight when Sprudge staff writer Julie Wolfson happened upon this scene in Los Angeles…

Walking into Handsome Coffee Roasters earlier this week, the familiar sight of a camera and boom mic at the photo worthy space was not a complete surprise. Handsome’s Anthony Carnazzo admits the requests to film at their roastery come fast and furious. The roaster / retailer grants some of these requests, but almost only when they can either 1. stay open for business, or 2. offer free coffee to their neighbors and customers out the back door.

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This day the bar stayed open as a featured player in an upcoming episode of Jerry Seinfeld’s “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” and the location was not coincidental. This episode paired Seinfeld with the always-hilarious Patton Oswalt, perhaps best known as the voice of Ratatouille but well-loved on top standup stages across the country, including Largo at the Coronet here in Los Angeles. Mr. Oswalt is a confirmed Handsome Coffee Roasters regular, and I learned that he personally asked to bring in Seinfeld and crew to film his episode of the web-series.

What ensued was an amused Seinfeld. He marveled at the coolness factor of the space, commented on the limited menu, and grinned his way through the shoot. Those of us who watched could not hear all of the conversation, but did catch the large flatbed truck circling the block with a DeLorean while Seinfeld and Oswalt commented on the compromised status of their ride.


We’ll have to watch to see the episode and play ‘spot the barista’ in the background. Be sure to look for possible Tim Varney sighting; he’s currently spending a few weeks here in Los Angeles with the Handsome roasting team. It’s worth mentioning that Mr. Seinfeld was the consummate dapper gentleman, sporting a dark blazer, lavender dress shirt and even discussing his love for Rag & Bone jeans. As for Patton Oswalt, for a guy who’s humor can skew quite blue, well, it turns out he’s a classy guy too with discerning taste for great coffee.

Bravo! Er, no, it’s not on Bravo – watch Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee online right here, hosted by Crackle.

Handsome’s Anthony Carnazzo and Tyler Wells, with Patton Oswalt and Jerry Seinfeld.

Julie Wolfson (@JulieWolfson) is a staff writer for and a regular contributor to Cool Hunting. Read more Julie Wolfson here.

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