When it comes to news you can brew, look no further than your old friends here at Sprudge. That’s why today we are taking a look at a brand new brewing device hailing from The Land Down Under, the Tricolate. Focusing on ease of use and consistency, the Tricolate brings together many popular elements from other brewing gear into one single device.

The Tricolate (pronounced Trick-o-late, a portmanteau of “trickle”, or possibly “Tritan”—the type of plastic used to make the brewer—and “percolate”) has been floating around the coffee internet since 2019, but hasn’t been available for purchase until earlier this year as a pre-order. But now the Aussie brewer is in full production and ready for the masses.

While there is no singularly revolutionary new ideas being brought forth, the Tricolate combines a host of features aimed at improving the consistency of your morning brew. The brewer, which looks like an AeroPress, leans heavily on the flat-bottom pour-over design, featuring 90° walls and an 80mm bed, one of the biggest for that particular style, which “increases surface area and allows for more even water to coffee contact, [resulting] in a higher extraction.“

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The Tricolate also comes with a built-in dispersion screen a la the Melodrip, allowing for a more even and consistent distribution of water across the coffee bed. The company also states that this removes the need for “an expensive gooseneck kettle,” which is true, but it’s probably a piece of gear most potential Tricolate users already own and you would still need some means of heating the water, so it’s probably a bit of a moot point. It does, however, allow you to add all the water in one fell swoop without having to worry about flow rate or other such variables. Just add the water and come back when it is done.

A filter brewer, the Tricolate relies on German manufactured paper discs with a “more consistent pore structure” whose smaller footprint adds “less paper taint in your coffee.”

After having sold out of all the early bird units pre-ordered earlier this year, Tricolate is now taking orders for their brewer to ship out in mid-May. The pour-over retails for $75 AUD ($58 USD) with 400 additional filters coming at the same price. For more information, to check out a few suggested brew recipes, or to order your own, visit Tricolate’s official website.

Zac Cadwalader is the managing editor at Sprudge Media Network and a staff writer based in Dallas. Read more Zac Cadwalader on Sprudge.

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