The masses crowded the Seattle Stumptown Coffee Roastery/Cafe on 12th Avenue Friday night for the third annual United States Aeropress Championship.

From the US Aeropress Championship Tumblr page:

The party, generously hosted by Stumptown Coffee Roasters, will feature their famous cold brew on tap, beer by Elysian Brewing, pizza by Veraci Pizza, and the most gingery ginger beer you’ve ever tasted – by Rachel’s Ginger Beer! Meanwhile, the 20 competitors will compete in 10 rounds (8 min per round), three at a time, to determine who is 2014 USAC Champion.

The Judges

Andrew Milstead (Milstead & Co.)
Kyle Glanville (G&B Coffee)
Steve Kirbach (Stumptown Coffee)

The MCs

Ben Kaminsky (Unaffiliated)
Sarah Dooley (Baratza)

The Special Guest

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Alan Adler (Inventor of the AeroPress)

The Standings:


Below we’ve got recipes for the top three finishers at the United States AeroPress Championship. These recipes vary in their complexity and simplicity, and also the brewer’s willingness to reveal their secrets before the World Aeropress Championship in Rimini.

All recipes were made with Peru Cecovasa from Stumptown Coffee Roasters and ground with Baratza Forte grinders.


Third Place


Andrew Bettis of Copacetic Coffee and Velo Coffee Roasters in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

17 grams of coffee
204 degree water in the kettle
Pour 225g of water for 30 seconds, steep for 50 seconds, 10 second stir, press slowly for 40 seconds.

Second Place


Brendon Glidden of Onyx Coffee Lab in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

14.7 grams of coffee (a finer than “drip” grind)
250ml of water at 205 degrees

Fill with 60ml, 30 second bloom
Fill with the rest of the water
Cap the plunger
At 1:45 press down for 30 seconds

First Place


Jeremy Moore of BonLife Coffee in Cleveland, Tennesee.

17 grams of coffee
277ml of water

“No bloom! Just a low and slow pour and a low and slow press.”


“You’ve got the touch!” Mr. Adler told Moore after the win. Adler invented the Aeropress for its simplicity, and Moore won the competition extolling those values. Congratulations to Jeremy Moore of BonLife, who moves on to represent the United States at the 2014 World AeroPress Championship in Rimini, Italy.

Photos by Zachary Carlsen for

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