You love coffee. You need coffee. And chances are there’s someone on your 2022 Holiday Shopping List who feels the same way about warm, delicious coffee beverages. Each year it’s our pleasure here at Sprudge Media Network to present to you a plethora of holiday coffee gift-giving options, curated in part from our incredible network of sponsors and supporters. There’s something for everyone here, so have at it, and feel free to give the gift of coffee this holiday season with warm wishes from all of us at Sprudge.

Discovery Kit Subscription from Nguyen Coffee Supply 

Featured in Sprudge EAL Jenn Chen’s recent feature on the new wave of Vietnamese-owned coffee companies, Nguyen Coffee Supply offers this Discovery Kit as a perfect way to get acquainted with the brand. Includes 6 bags of whole bean Vietnamese coffee, a phin dripper, coffee scoop, and glass mug.

Acaia Pearl Scale 

Weighing out your coffee at home is something we coffee lovers take for granted, but for a lot of coffee drinkers it remains a matter of intimidation. Acaia’s iconic Pearl scale is friendly and easy to use, registering visually as a device we feel comfortable engaging with as a part of everyday modern life. It’s also a handy multi-tool: Pearl’s generous size makes it perfect for baking projects, or anything else in which weight precision matters. We use our Acaia products every day as coffee drinkers and think this might be one of the most powerful things you can give someone else for the holidays.

Three Keys Coffee Anaerobic Natural “Poinciana” Swiss Water Process Decaf 

We love a fine quality decaf. This year we’re recommending you check out the “Poinciana” decaf courtesy of Three Keys Coffee in Houston, Texas, which has been decaffeinated by the team at Swiss Water Process. Look for notes of mango and plum in this delicious, expressive decaffeinated coffee, perfect for the decaf lover in your life or for upcoming holiday entertaining.

Weber Bean Cellar Glass

What do you get for the coffee lover who has everything? How about this totally unique borosilicate glass system designed to keep your coffee fantastically fresh, and displayed with incredible artistry and beauty. Using a “proprietary one-way valve system that allows the CO2 of freshly roasted coffee to outgas,” the Weber Bean Cellar is to coffee beans what something like the Eurocave wine cellar is to bottle storage. It’s beautiful, it’s functional, it’s unlike anything else we’ve seen, and chances are someone on your coffee list absolutely needs one.

Artpresso Design Tamper Bags & Holders 

If someone on your list is diving into the world of home espresso—or works professionally as a barista—Artpresso’s world of tastefully designed barista tools is well worth your exploration. A combination gift of a chic leather tamper bag and walnut coffee tamper holder is tough to beat, but that’s just the start. There’s something for every spro lover and home espresso geek on this website. Happy hunting.

Baratza Encore for Home Filter Coffee Lovers

Literally the thing we get asked about the most is “what grinder should I buy” and for many years our answer has been simple: Buy a Baratza. The brand’s entry-level workhorse home grinder stands alone for price, use, and accessibility. It’s a peerless gateway drug for the pleasures of drinking fine drip coffee at home, easy to clean and even easier to love.

Mahlkönig X54 for Home Espresso Lovers 

We’re keen on the X54 for many reasons, from usability to design to versatility. But we especially like recommending it as the necessary complement to your burgeoning home espresso hobby. Making espresso at home is not some folly—it takes time, effort, and care in order to pull shots that can compare to the excellent espresso at your favorite cafe. To do this you need real gear, and the Mahlkonig X54 carries with an air of seriousness and professionalism that anchors these truths. It’s also quite a handsome machine, and looks great in a home kitchen, and it’s whisper-quiet, an underrated home coffee making asset.

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The New La Marzocco Linea Micra

30% smaller than the game-changing La Marzocco Linea Mini, the all-new LM Micra is the ultimate home dinner party espresso machine. Measure twice, cut once, or so the old saying goes; La Marzocco’s line of products might not be the first home machine you buy, but it will be the last home machine you buy.

The New Rules of Coffee: A Modern Guide for Everyone

The first book from Sprudge co-founders Zachary Carlsen and Jordan Michelman sets the table for coffee enjoyment by offering a pocket history of where the drink came from and where coffee culture is headed next. Perfect for those who are just getting interested in coffee as well as for those who’ve been drinking it for years. The second book from Sprudge’s co-founders is currently in production, with release details and pre-sale announced soon!

Technivorm Moccamaster Home Filter Coffee Maker 

There are less expensive home coffee makers, and there are newer home coffee makers, but there is no home coffee maker more dependable, and more beautiful, than the Technivorm Moccamaster. Over the decades it has become, like the Chemex and the Bialetti Moka Pot, an icon of home coffee design, instantly recognizable as a symbol of discerning quality and sophistication. The Moccamaster is available in a rainbow of colors, from rose gold to beetroot to stone grey, off-white, and pastel pink.

Blue Bottle Comforting Coffee Set 

Comfort is an underrated arrow in coffee’s many-splendored quiver. Blue Bottle knows this, and have leaned into comfort this season, not unlike a pair of soft fluffy December pajamas. In this handsome box set you receive three blended Blue Bottle Coffees, including two winter blends and Bluey’s iconic Hayes Valley Espresso, named for the brand’s original Hayes Valley alley location in San Francisco. Now that’s keeping it old school.

Onyx Twelve Days of Chocolate 

We recommend everything from Onyx Coffee Lab, from the blends to the single origins to the teas to the merch. But this year we are making a point of shouting out their bean-to-bar chocolate program, featuring house-roasted cacao sourced with every bit of intentionality as the coffees that made them famous. This box set offers 12 bars, some traditional (like a nice milk chocolate), others experimental (an 86% Peruvian dark chocolate with fig nibs). For the last day you receive a cappuccino white chocolate bar, which sounds incredible.

Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares 

Perhaps you’re attending one of those Christmases where there’s dozens of stockings to stuff. Or else you’re due for a company party event, and expected to issue tidings of joy to 30 of your closest colleagues. For this sort of group gift giving, a pack of Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares is just the thing: little two-bite morsels of chocolatey joy, crafted in colorful wrapping by iconic San Francisco brand Ghirardelli. Just be sure to slip a few into your own pocket.

Amavida Coffee Reserve Subscription

Another beautiful coffee subscription option, this time focused on limited edition coffees from Amavida. It’s easy to make your subscription a gift, too—simply select the gift option on the ordering page. You can even select for your coffee to be pre-ground, in case this gift is for someone without a grinder (but they really should have one of those… read on!)

Partner’s Coffee Roasters Choice Gift Subscription

NYC-based Partner’s Coffee allows you to let the chef cook: simply select “Roasters Choice” in their set of coffee subscriptions, and be delighted by fresh, different coffee at the delivery cadence of your choosing. The coffee changes every week, which means you’ll never be bored in the mornings.

Dayglow Coffee Gift Subscription

Dayglow Coffee of Los Angeles has long been home to a rotating selection of the world’s finest coffee roasters. Their subscription service allows you to tap in to this curation, and explore roasters you may have only read about before on Sprudge. Dayglow offers subscriptions in varying sizes and durations, and you’re sure to discover something exceptional along the way.

Kaffebox Roast Coffee Subscription 

Kaffebox of Norway is a multi-roaster subscription service focused exclusively on coffees roasted in the Nordic countries. This year’s Holiday edition of the Kaffebox subscription features a special edition Gesha coffee from Tim Wendelboe, as well as an artisan chocolate bar from Fjak, a chocolatier based in Bergen, Norway. We’ve been charmed and surprised by Kaffebox over the years, and definitely recommend this service if you love Nordic coffees!

Equator Coffees Holiday Diner Mug

The coffee mug makes a peerless gift, exactly the sort of thing you’ll cherish and remember for years to come, thinking well upon the tasteful gift-giver who chose to bestow it upon you. This year Equator Coffees has a lovely holiday mug in collaboration with notNeutral, featuring Equator’s custom Happier Camper mobile coffee trailer

Olympia Coffee Critter Hat 

There’s just something about Olympia Coffee and cute critter merchandise. We’ve written glowingly in the past about their iconic marmot sweatshirt, but this year it’s an adorable raccoon hat that has us wooing. It’s a raccoon, brewing a Chemex, on a spruce green ball cap. Just incredible. Someone you know need this in a deep, profound way, and it’s likely you already know who that someone is. It’s a must.

Deadstock Coffee Carmen Knife 

Portland’s Deadstock Coffee are forever innovating in the world of coffee merch, but this one stands alone: a stunning, functional Hitachi D2 Tool Steel knife built to clip on your pocket, with the blade itself emblazoned with the Deadstock logo. There’s always *someone* on your holiday list who wants a functional tool for a gift, and nobody else is getting them something as cool as this knife.

Dona Chai & Coffee Blossom Honey Set

Coffee blossom honey is produced by the buzzy bees that help pollinate coffee farms. Dona has a wonderful gift set this season that links up a yummy bottle of their unsweetened chai concentrate with your very own jar of coffee blossom honey from Guatemala. Bake with it, use it to sweeten your chai (or any other tea), drizzle it on toast, or dip your spoon straight in and enjoy.

Stumptown Holiday Trio

Here is the logical conclusion of all the annual hubbub around holiday blends: a three-part box set featuring Stumptown’s popular Evergreen Blend, plus the two coffees that went into it. Try them all together, do a comparative slurping, or just groove your way through the box and enjoy these stellar coffees.

Rishi Tea gift card

It’s a medium-tier cop out to recommend gift cards in a gift list like this one. But when it comes to Rishi, their website is such a vast wonderland of tea products, tea goods, tea brewing gear, and various nodes of tea culture, that the gift card option is absolutely sensible to recommend. From single farmer single garden rare teas to daily drinkers, yummy tea bags, and tea brewing gear, there’s something for every hot beverage lover here. And if you’ve never *really* explored the world of tea, because you are so singularly obsessed with coffee that you can’t conceive of anything else, well—consider this your invitation to a better, more delicious life.

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