It’s holiday coffee gift guide season here at Sprudge, which means we’ve got options a-plenty to steer you in the direction of incredible seasonal decision making. Check out our coffee gift guides to Holiday Blends and delicious coffees from the Roasters Village to get you started.

Today we wanted to present something a little more personal: our sincerest coffee gift ideas from the team behind Sprudge. These coffee gifts might speak to you in different ways, or inspire your own thoughtful approach to holiday coffee gift giving.

Whatever you do, make it merry and bright, and happy holidays from everyone at Sprudge.

A coffee gift to keep things warm…

v60 vacuum insulated metal server

Beautiful counter presence and a friendly price are just two of the reasons to gift a Hario V60 Vacuum Insulated Metal Server this season. But the main reason is to keep coffee warm. Whether they brew pourovers or in a glass-pot coffeemaker, there’s always a fear of that little extra left over cooling down. No more. Comes in two sizes, black or white. — Liz Clayton, Sprudge Associate Editor

A coffee gift to encourage organization…

customizable filter holder kinto tray

Regarding my home coffee bar, I am all for function and aesthetics. I would love to add these two to the bar: a customizable filter holder and Kinto serving tray (paired with their tumbler & jug in the same SEPIA collection). — Jenn Chen, Sprudge Editor-At-Large

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A coffee gift that’s handblown…

The Chemex is an iconic coffee brewer, and thanks to the thicker paper filters, has the capability to extract some of the cleanest flavors out of a pour-over. (It can also be a finnicky beast, but that’s part of the fun.) My favorite from their lineup has to be the Handblown series. While the traditional Chemex is certainly cheaper, lighter, and with more color options, the feel and the added heft of the Handblown series elevates the entire coffeemaking experience. — Zac Cadwalader, Sprudge Managing Editor

A coffee gift to mellow things out…

two melo drip devices on a wood platform
Courtesy of Melodrip

As much as I pride myself on being an unfussy coffee brewer, eschewing goofy gadgetry and overcomplicated recipes, the Melodrip is go-to piece of gear for my daily brewing routines. Basically a dispersion screen on a stick, the Melodrip helps control the agitation levels, promoting repeatability in brewing—and results—day in and day out. — Zac Cadwalader, Sprudge Managing Editor

A coffee gift for the Black Sabbath fan…

black sabbath origami dripper

I suppose anything from my heart would have to include Black Sabbath, so I recommend this “Master of Reality” mug from the official Black Sabbath shop. You should then put one of these Origami Drippers on top…in black of course! — Robyn Brems, Sprudge Partnership Manager

A coffee gift that’s beyond the bean…

verve cascara tea

What if the sweetest gift you could this holiday season helped preserve the beans we know and love? It might be worth your while to try out some cascara, which is the dried outer fruit of the coffee cherry. It’s packed with caffeine and antioxidants, and it doesn’t require for beans like me and Buzzy to get crushed, gnashed, and smothered in boiling hot water. Consider cascara as an alternative this holiday season; Verve has some delicious cascara right now. — Spesh L. Tee, Sprudge Spokesbean

A coffee gift for the millinophile…

dad hat gget fetco

I love the Go Get Em Tiger Fetco dad hat. It’s fashionable, it’s comfortable, and it says proudly to the world, “I am enough of a complete and total coffee dork to espouse public enthusiasm for this obscure piece of brewing equipment.” There’s something kind of post-modern malaise adjacent to it that rubs me the right way. It is my favorite piece of coffee merch ever, and if you’re shopping for someone who is just like, an unrepentant incorrigible nerd for coffee, they will love it. — Jordan Michelman, Sprudge Co-founder

A coffee gift for those who scoop…

coffee bean scoop planetary design

This lil’ coffee scooper by Planetary Designs is so utterly pleasurable to use. Something about the object’s weight and design fits in your hand just right. Every step of the coffee making process offers a touchpoint for enjoyment, so don’t overlook your scoop. This is the perfect one. — Jordan Michelman, Sprudge Co-founder

A coffee gift for particle size queens…

I’ve given this a lot of thought and all I want for Christmas this year is a Brewed Coffee Set from Kruve ($172.96 $137.96). The Kruve sifter isn’t new, it won the Sprudgie Award in 2017 for Best New Product, but here in 2023 I’ve never wanted one more. Why? As a gay man, I’ve been using grinder for years and years, with mixed results. As I enter my forties, I want to really dial in and understand it. I want to determine what a “5” setting really means on Chad’s twenty year old Cuisinart. I want to sift my way to an even grind with Buzz’s blade grinder. I want to a-pbbt a stranger’s notion that you can achieve a delicious brew grinding coffee the consistency of “beach sand” (how many microns are we really talking?) Can a set of sieves and a metal ruler really do all of this and more? Talk to me after the holidays! — Zachary Carlsen, Sprudge co-founder

A coffee gift that isn’t coffee…

rishi black tea gift set

For the 2023 holiday season I’d like to recommend that you try out a nice mug of tea. Tea is delicious, and moreover, coffee drinkers would do well to think about the impact all their grinding, brewing, and dripping has on the bean community. Beans deserve so much more than this, and I think it’s time we recognized that. Check out Rishi Tea for some wonderful tea options and support your fellow bean this holiday season. — Buzzy The Bean, Sprudge Spokesbean

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