The Coffee Collective, Copenhagen’s premier specialty coffee micro-roastery, have formally announced the imminent opening of their third location.

The new spot is in a cool old factory on Godthåbsvej 34B in Frederiksberg, a mere ten minutes from Jægersborggade. Coffee Collective recently opened up a cafe in Jægersborggade, in a massive food hall. It was the recipient of a quick and cheerful Strand job in November:

The Coffee Collective is one of a handful of small-batch roasters with a global following, a neighborhood coffee shop about the size of a kitchen in a starter apartment that’s known for buying, roasting and preparing some of the finest coffees in the world. There are no gimmicks, no tricks. The Coffee Collective’s reputation rests on the quality of its craft.

According to Klaus & Co., the new location is a “dream space”, big enough to house the roastery, offices, green storage, wholesale, and a cafe. Congratulations to the whole crew at Coffee Collective.