Tomorrow, the eyes of the American coffee world turn to Rancho Cucamonga for not one, not two, but three US Coffee Championships events. Taking place at Klatch Coffee‘s SCA-certified coffee lab and roastery, nearly 70 coffee professionals from around the country will make the journey 40 miles east of Los Angeles to compete one of the three events: the US Barista Championship, US Brewers Cup, and US Cup Tasters. (Unless, of course, that coffee professional is Hugo Cano, who will be taking part in both the Barista Championship and Brewers Cup.)

We here at Sprudge are pleased as punch to be on the scene at Rancho Cucamonga all weekend long, bringing you live updates of the all the action from around the Klatch facility. Our whip around coverage will include live-blogging the US Barista Championship (so make sure you are locked in to Sprudge dot com for all those wild espresso flavor notes and mind-blowing signature beverages) as well as ‘Gramming the sights and sounds from the Brewers Cup and Cup Tasters stages. It’s going to be a full-on weekend and we can’t wait to be a part of it.

It all starts tomorrow, Friday, March 15th with the first rounds of competition for the Barista Championship and Brewers Cup; Cup Tasters kicks off the following day. The top scorers from Friday will move on to the Semi-Finals Saturday, where they will join the six coffee professionals from each competition that earned a bye via their Qualifying Event performance.

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But that’s still a ways away, and we’ve got a whole day full of blink-and-you’ll-miss-it action to experience. So before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let’s take a look at the schedule of competition for Round One of the US Barista Championship and US Brewers Cup.

Barista Championship

11:00am Gavey Oesmanto (he/him) – Eyes Peeled Coffee – Los Angeles, CA
11:25am Hugo Cano (he/him) – Amberson Coffee – Indianapolis, IN
11:50am Phillip White (he/him) – Los Angeles, CA
12:15pm Arturo Mandujano Jr (he/him) – MoonGoat Coffee Roasters – Lake Forest, CA
12:40pm Noel Goodwin (she/her) – Hagen Coffee Roasters – Black Diamond, WA
1:05pm Rafael Levy Diner (he/him) – Onyx Coffee Lab – Rogers, AR
1:30pm Seidy Selvanow (she/her) – Kafeix Roasters – Vancouver, WA
1:55pm Dakota Graff (he/him) – Onyx Coffee Lab – Rogers, AR
2:20pm Gray Kauffman (they/them) – Seattle, WA
2:45pm Frank La (he/him) – Be Bright Coffee – Log Angeles, CA
3:10pm Jinwoo Ahn (he/him) – Cafe Grumpy – Palisades Park, NJ
3:35pm Jason Yeo (he/him) – Saint Frank Coffee – San Francisco, CA
4:00pm Lynn Hrabovsky (they/them) – Cosmic Bloom Coffee – Vista, CA
4:25pm Alex Sciarotta – Narrative Coffee – Everett, WA
4:50pm Jamie Patel (he/him) – Counter Culture Coffee – Wake Forest, NC
5:15pm Anthony Ragler (he/him) – Black & White Coffee – Wake Forest, NC
5:40pm Jeremy Bennett (he/him) – Bennetts Coffee Co
6:05pm Meg Skop (she/her) – The Coffee Movement – San Francisco, CA

Brewers Cup

11:00am Danny Toro (they/them) – Greater Good Roasting – Austin, TX
11:15am Andres Jinhan Kim (he/him) – Kumquat Coffee Co – Los Angeles, CA
11:30am Marc Chiusano (he/him) – Flux Coffee – Farmingdale, NY
11:45am Pack Katisomsakul (he/him) – Newbery Street Coffee Roasters – Boston, MA
12:00pm Will Johnson (he/him) – Messenger Coffee – Kansas City, MO
12:15pm Max Phills (they/them) – Loveless Coffee – Brooklyn, NY
12:30pm Andy Sprenger (he/him) – Sweet Bloom Coffee Roasters – Lakewood, CO
12:45pm Mariah (she/her) – Little Waves Coffee Roasters – Durham, NC
1:00pm Vanessa DeGraffenried (she/her) – Onyx Coffee Lab – Rogers, AR
1:15pm Aaron Kwon (he/him) – MoonGoat Coffee Roasters – Costa Mesa, CA
2:15pm Josh Clements (he/him) – Amberson Coffee – Indianapolis, IN
2:30pm Andres Morales (he/him) – Coffee Project NY – Brooklyn, NY
2:45pm Hugo Cano (he/him) – Amberson Coffee – Indianapolis, IN
3:00pm Weihong Zhang (he/him) – BlendIn Coffee Club – Houston, TX
3:15pm Joseph Burns (he/him) – Ghost Coffee Collab – Pittsburgh, PA
3:30pm Peace Sakulclanuwat (she/her) – Coffee Project NY – New York, NY
3:45pm Kyle Ramage (he/him) – Black & White Coffee – Raleigh, NC
4:00pm Jesus Iniguez (he/him) – Archetype Coffee – Omaha, NE
4:15pm John Dixon (he/him) – Black & White Coffee/Mad Black Coffee – Raleigh, NC
4:30pm Arsalan Pourmand (he/him) – Flux Coffee – Farmingdale, NY

Sprudge’s coverage of the 2024 US Barista Championship in Rancho Cucamonga is presented in partnership with Third Wave Water

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