We love a thoughtful bit of serving ware here at Sprudge. Be it a handmade ceramic mug or glassware meant to elevate the drinking experience, the vessel in which your coffee is served is as personal a preference as the coffee itself. And there’s a new coffee serving vessel that imports a new form for increased function. The Avensi Wave features an asymmetrical design to enhance the aroma and flavor of a coffee, and it’s live on Kickstarter now.

Created by Icosa Brewhouse, the Wave is the next generation of their Avensi line of glassware, which won an SCA Award for Best New Product in 2021. Similar in design, the Wave offers one major update: asymmetrical aeration waves on the interior of the glass; imagine the Chemex Chemaer but for consuming not brewing.

Per the Kickstarter, the internal ridges aerate the coffee as it gets swirled around the glass, maximizing the aromatics that then get “captured and focused” in the specially-designed vessel. The aeration has a secondary benefit of giving the user more control over the cooling of the beverage, allowing the flavor to change. To come up with the design for the Avensi Wave, Icosa looked to the worlds of wine and whiskey.

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“Too many people put coffee into a very simple box: ‘strong, dark roasted, and bold’—we want to change that,” Icosa Brewhosue founder Johnny Loh tells Sprudge. “In the world of wine and spirits, even casual drinkers appreciate the importance of presentation and the nuances of sensory experience, whereas in coffee this is only appreciated amongst the more serious homebrewers and professionals.”

And the shape is more than just functional, it is in some ways psychological. “If we want people to think about their coffee in a new way, then it starts with changing their drinking behavior,” Loh states. “This is our way of elevating the coffee experience: when you treat your coffee differently, through things like swirling to aerate it, sipping in smaller amounts, and allowing it to cool to appreciate the flavors that reveal at lower temperatures, you begin to think of coffee in a different way–you learn to appreciate the full potential of what it can be.”

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The Cyclone

Like with the previous Avensi line, the Wave comes in a variety of options depending upon intended use. There’s the Aeresso for those who prefer espresso, which for the first time ever has a limited-edition ceramic option, as well as the Alto for filter coffee drinkers. And Icosa is also releasing a serving vessel, the Cyclone, to accompany the drinkware that features the same asymmetrical inner wave design as well as the “Aroma Peak,” an internal cone shape similar to the punt in a wine bottle.

With a little over five weeks left in the campaign, the Avensi Wave has blown past its $10,000 goal, already amassing nearly $200,000. Still, there are a host of rewards left for would-be backers, ranging from as low as $37 for one ceramic Aeresso glass all the way up $159 for a complete set of the glassware, server, and a ceramic. The estimated delivery date for the rewards is August of this year.

So if you’re looking to increase the sensory aspect of your coffee or just enhance the overall experience, might I suggest a new piece of glassware. For more information or to back the campaign, visit the Avensi Wave Kickstarter page.

Zac Cadwalader is the managing editor at Sprudge Media Network and a staff writer based in Dallas. Read more Zac Cadwalader on Sprudge.