The continued robotification of coffee is… troubling. While the onslaught of robotic arms, superautomatic kiosks, and artificial intelligence in coffee-making space is alarming, not all coffee droids are bad. There are certain areas in coffee that a cute little bleepy bloop can handle as well as, if not better than, its human counterparts. For that, there’s DAL-e, a new electric robot from Hyundai that can deliver 16 cups of coffee at a time.

As reported by Electrek, DAL-e is a joint effort between Hyundai and Kia, with the former making improvements to the latter’s hotel delivery robot. First announced at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the self-driving DAL-e can carry up to 22lbs and can travel at the brisk speed of 2.7mph, or “about walking speed.” The all-electric delivery bot can maneuver its way through tight spaces, like hotel hallways or office buildings, without running into walls or people, even in crowded places.

Upon arrival, DAL-e uses Hyundai and Kia Robotics Lab AI facial recognition technology—”which has received official certification from the Korea Internet & Security Agency with 99.9% accuracy”—to find its delivery target and uses an 11.6” display screen to communicate with individuals. Once identified, the door to DAL’e internal compartment opens up and the coffee is delivered.

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One of the robot’s major upgrades is its ability to make deliveries to any floor in a building. DAL-e is capable of navigating elevators and other door control systems to get where it needs to go.

DAL-e is slated to make its debut in the second quarter of this year at the Aegis Asset Management building in Seoul.

Korea appears to be leading the charge in the coffee-delivering robot space. There’s the Air-Dilly delivering drinks to commuters at the Incheon International Airport, and now there’s DAL-e for hotels and offices. These are good uses of automatons in coffee. If only a big coffee event was coming up in Korea to give me a reason to go check it all out…

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