As of today, Friday, April Question Mark 2020, more than 300 million Americans—indeed, more than 3 billion people worldwide—are living in a state of pandemic lockdown, in an effort to flatten the curve of the COVID-19 virus. Lives are at stake, and millions are out of work, especially those in the hospitality industry: restaurant workers, cafe owners, and baristas are among the hardest hit.

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In times like these, we humans lean on sources of comfort to make sense of it all. And for us at Sprudge, that means coffee.

We’ve put together two polls for you to check out today—one for baristas, the other for home coffee drinkers. This is the home coffee drinker poll, and we’re rolling it out because we want to know if home coffee consumption has gone up (and by how much) in the middle of all this mess. We want to know what you’re drinking, how you’re drinking it, and if you’re using this time to get more out of your home coffee experience, and how the roasters that are #StillRoasting around the world can support your love of coffee.

Fill out the form below, please and thank you, but then we need your help. We want as much data as we can get here so that next we can present it to a wide bank of sources, so please—share this post with everyone you know. Share it with grandma, with your cousin, the whole dang family, with your kid’s little league group of Facebook, or the literal angels you used to work with at a coffee shop. Please share it with everyone.

We want to know if coffee consumption is going up so we can tell the world, alongside our ongoing work to develop and maintain a #StillRoasting map of local roasters that are still in business around the world. Thank you for reading, thank you for filling out this poll, and thanks especially for sharing this post.