Portland, OR — Leading 3rd Wave Coffee Roaster, Stumptown, is set to open a cafe in Pasadena on Saturday, February 17.

“We are thrilled to be opening a cafe in Pasadena,” says Jon Perry, VP of Retail. “Each of our cafes have a distinct personality that ties directly to the neighborhood. We set out to design a cafe that would become a part of the fabric of Pasadena offering a welcoming, inclusive place to enjoy exceptional coffee.”

Stumptown partnered with Wrk Shp, an Architect and Design studio based in Los Angeles to design the cafe, inspired by a record store theme. “We created a space that feels like someone’s well-loved living room filled with art, music, and of course hand-crafted coffee”, says Hanna Boone, Creative Director.
The entrance of the cafe is an inside/outside concept, with a roll-up door that stays up during opening hours. Upon entering you are greeted by a thoughtfully curated art wall, designed by Boone, and a plethora of plants from floor to ceiling sourced locally from The Standard Design Group, just down the street. Local sign painter, Jenna Homen, hand-painted the gilded signage along with a larger-than-life coffee cup portrait that adorns the cafe after hours when the roll-up door is shuttered.

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Another local artist incorporated into the design includes Victoria Morris, a ceramist who crafted the hanging lampshades in the cafe. Artist Chris Chandler created a custom fine art piece that hangs inside the heart of the cafe, right next to a glowing, neon Stumptown horseshoe with a lightning bolt, crafted by Duarte’s Neon.

The coffee menu will showcase Stumptown’s hand-crafted coffees, whether enjoyed on-site or ordered to go via the Stumptown app. Offerings include classic espresso drinks and pour overs of single-origin coffees as well as cold brew beverages. A curated menu from Spirit Tea is also offered. The food menu incorporates many choices for guests seeking gluten free and vegan options and includes pastries from Bread Lounge, hot breakfast sandwiches from Farmshop, grab & go snacks, items sure to excite kids, various breakfast items, and non-coffee beverage options.

The cafe officially opens on Saturday, February 17 at 8 a.m. To celebrate opening day, the first 50 guests will receive a free swag bag that contains a limited-edition mug and a bag of Stumptown coffee. A local DJ, Richard La, will spin records from the local vinyl store, Commune—an invaluable partner who will be curating vinyl for this cafe. A special, limited-time Raspberry Rose Cortado will be featured all day.
Special Guest Bartender, Han Suk Cho, will be making Non-Alcohol Coffee Cocktails from 1p.m. to 4p.m. As Gregory Han from the LAist has written, “Cho’s drinks reflect a more thoughtful and nuanced approach to flavors where an inviting sniff tempts a pleasing sip.” “We are extremely honored to have Cho, who is currently a Bartender at Kato, beautifully craft three amazing cocktails using our coffee for the opening”, says Perry.

1982 Lincoln Avenue
Pasadena, CA

Hours of Operation
7 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day

About Stumptown
Since 1999, Stumptown has been committed to sourcing, roasting, and serving some of the best coffee in the world. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, Stumptown has a total of eight cafes across the country: four in Portland; three in New York; one in Pasadena. Their full line of high-quality whole bean and Cold Brew coffees are available in cafes, restaurants, and grocery stores nationwide. For more information, visit stumptowncoffee.com.

Special Thanks
Stumptown would like to give special thanks to its partners who worked tirelessly to make this cafe a special and welcoming place, including Wrk Shp (Architect and Design), Howard CDM (contractor), Jenna Homen (painter), Victoria Morris (ceramicist), DUARTE’S NEON (neon sign maker), and Chris Chandler (artist).

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