As Starbucks reaches the big 4-0, we want to take a moment to set aside the Leni Riefenstahl “Triumph Of The Swill” jokes and declare our own sort of Khaki Chums 1914 trench warfare Christmas Truce: for the next week, in honor of their 40th birthday, we’re calling off our incessant mocking of Starbucks, the coffee world’s increasingly saggy pseudo-specialty 12-ton gorilla.

We’d make mid-life crisis jokes, but the whole buy-a-Porsche, cheat-on-your-spouse thing is hardly an accurate representation of 40-dom these days. Congrats on making it to 40, Starbucks – call the sitter (dog or baby) and see if they’ll stay an extra hour, so we can meet up for gelato after the Yo La Tengo concert.

Starbucks Turns 40 – Unveils Face Lift