Over the last two years, a significant amount of Sprudge.com has been developed, written and published in public spaces – namely, cafes and bars. In the winter and spring of 2010, our salad days, the lion’s share of Sprudge was written out of Oddfellows Cafe in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood. We’ve since sadly moved from Seattle, but Oddfellows remains the model for what we look for in a public work space: WiFi, good coffee and tasty food options.

We now write Sprudge everyday from Portland and San Francisco, two cities that are no slouches when it comes to delicious and delightful places to work. We dished to you already on 3 spots in San Francisco that are really gettin’ it done, so here’s three spots we especially love in the beautiful, reasonably priced, eternally calm city of Portland, OR.

Ace Hotel – NW Portland

Serving: Stumptown Coffee.

Great for: dark and civilized mezzanine space, calm vibe

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Extra credit: Food and cocktails from Clyde Common, brought upstairs by your server

Moloko Milk Bar – Mississippi District

Serving: adjacent to The Fresh Pot’s gorgeous mid-century art deco former pharmacy space, serving Stumptown Coffee

Great for: covered and heated back patio with plenty of outlets

Extra Credit: “The Moloko Mule” and other assorted fresh juice cocktails

The Red E – North Portland (Killingsworth)

Serving: a polyglamorous menu of roasters featuring Heart, Intelligentsia and demos of small-batch roasting from the cafe itself

Great for: coffee, weekend morning people watching, art

Extra Credit: the California cookie.

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