Here are the finalists for the Sprudge Design Awards Outstanding Design Achievement — Event Exhibition category. This award honors outstanding design related to physical event exhibitions. This includes trade show booth design, pop-up cafe design, curated coffee service at special events, limited edition event appearances, live guerilla coffee theater and all other forms of coffee event exhibition.

Elizabeth Chai for MiiR X Summit

Outstanding Design Achievement — Event Exhibition Finalist

untitled artwork

MiiR X Summit is an annual gathering built for MiiR customers, partners and ambassadors. MiiR X Summit connects, educates and inspires through authentic interactions and experiences. To design the Event Branding for MiiR X Summit: Seattle, I was given a directive to incorporate an an existing “X” event logo with a selection of MiiR drinkware colors (red, yellow, blue, green) and a theme of Pacific Northwest imagery of sun, mountains, and water. I used this imagery and color palette as a jumping-off-point to establish a graphical system using product images, thematic textures and patterns, and adding depth by bringing in additional product colors. My biggest opportunities to create a splash for attendees, was to utilize steel bars attached to the large, and otherwise empty concrete walls of the MiiR X event space.

miir event exhibition elizabeth chai entry sda sprudge 00001

untitled artwork

My concept was to weave long paper banners of illustrated graphics in between these steel bars, to “take over” a large amount of space featuring MiiR product, in a fun and memorable way. These banners were layered with sun, mountain, and water imagery with nods to MiiR’s focus on “Coffee Outside,” their outdoor / camping lifestyle brand, and hydration. 125 linear feet of paper banners were printed for a low-cost and fully recyclable installation that accomplished my goal to “take over” this large event space. In the entry hall, I helped organize a 5-station Coffee Village setup for different partners to feature MiiR Coffee Brewing Gear. To create an eye-catching display that would guide guests to each individual station, I developed three 6-foot tall reversible printed signs, designed to be a backdrop for tall tables set up for 3 of the 5 stations. The remaining stations setup on a nearby counter had table-top signage to showcase each product being used.

untitled artwork

untitled artwork

The three 6-foot tall reversible signs were designed to be flipped around during the event program, after Coffee Village had ended. These signs featured illustrations consistent with the paper banners in the speaking hall, and created a splash of color upon entry into the venue. All signage was printed on fully-recyclable corrugated Falconboard. To fit with the MiiR X Summit brand assets, I designed dozens of miscellaneous directional and informational signage, and a printed Program that included a Schedule of Events, Speakers, and locations of special dinners and breakout sessions.

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La Marzocco at World of Coffee Milan

Outstanding Design Achievement — Event Exhibition Finalist

la marzocco events exhibition sda entry 00005

WOC Milan 2022: La Marzocco brought Accademia del caffe espresso to World of Coffee Milan 2022 in the form of a 165 square meter booth. In the heart of this space was a real greenhouse with live coffee plants, alongside the same banana plants used to provide them shade in coffee agriculture. 2600kg of soil was carted in and unloaded by hand in order to share this unique environment, while providing a cozy space where people could feel at ease and experience a true connection to the coffee plant and the seed to cup journey.

la marzocco events exhibition sda entry 00004

la marzocco events exhibition sda entry 00005

The booth was structured in different areas:

  • True Artisan Café: featuring 35 roasters from all over the world
  • Linea Classic S exhibit: presentation of our new redesign workhorse
  • Leva Bar: an experience in classic Italian coffee
  • Home Area: a space designed to allow people to experience bringing the café home
  • Coffee area: a space to experience the journey of coffee, from the soil it is grown in to the varying levels it can be roasted
  • Gran Bar with coffee tables for meetings and conversations
  • Modbar area: an area to experience the La Marzocco Modbar system
  • IoT: an area to showcase the connection to our commercial machines with the La Marzocco Pro app
  • Officine Fratelli Bambi: an exhibit highlighting the craftsmanship of Officine Fratelli Bambi
  • Merchandising: a popup store featuring uniquely branded merchandise, from custom cups to lion plush toy and silver portafilter necklace.

la marzocco events exhibition sda entry 00002

la marzocco events exhibition sda entry 00003

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Technivorm-Moccamaster USA, Inc. at Inspired Home Show

Outstanding Design Achievement — Event Exhibition Finalist

The 2023 Inspired Home Show marked an important milestone for Moccamaster USA as it was our first convention post-COVID. Our aim was to create a lasting impression and promote our brand new KM5 Burr Grinder. We also wanted to maximize the reuse of materials and design for the upcoming Specialty Coffee Expo.

In the past, we had used a “Wall of Color” to showcase the variety of brewer colors and models we offer. While this approach was visually striking, we recognized an opportunity to reduce our carbon footprint by creating a solution that was easier to pack in and out of the tradeshow, reusable, and required little to no shipping. The solution came in the form of reframing our presentation. We transformed our entire booth into a gallery, featuring prints of our brewers and models in different colors, encased in elegant gold frames. Wrapped canvases showcased our complete color line and our thermal carafe. At the center stage, the KM5 Burr Grinder was unveiled in a heroic manner, capturing the attention of the public. We deliberately left most of our space open, inviting visitors to explore our gallery wall up close. Our multipurpose table featured an illustration of the KM5 Burr Grinder, emphasizing its name and status as a new product. It served as a surface for convention-specific handouts, live demonstrations of the grinder and brewers, and discreet storage to maintain a clean and organized appearance. Later, it also served as a space to place awards our products had won from America’s Test Kitchen.

To ensure efficient setup, we had our booth panels printed with frames and brewer prints as markers for hanging our frames. This also served as a backup plan in case our initial framing arrangements encountered any issues. Luckily, we discovered a hanging system that worked seamlessly with the fabric panels, resulting in a cost-effective and relatively stress-free setup.

The response to our booth design and setup during both conventions was overwhelmingly positive. We received numerous compliments, such as “It’s breathtaking,” “Prettiest booth I have seen,” and “this is the most unique booth at the show.” People flocked to our booth, eager to explore the gallery, engage with our associates about the KM5 Burr Grinder, and capture memorable photographs. In conclusion, our design approach proved to be tremendously successful, as it met all the objectives we had set out to achieve.

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