Here are the finalists for the Sprudge Design Awards Outstanding Design Achievement — Commercial Product category. This award honors outstanding design related to commercial products. This includes packaging for green coffee, alternative milks, traditional milks, sauces and syrups, water treatment and cleaning products, and other forms of commercial products that serve the field of coffee.

Gold Mountain Coffee Growers

Outstanding Design Achievement — Commercial Product Finalist

gold mount coffee roasters commercial sda entry sprudge 00005

Every single bag, mini bag, and box from our farming group’s harvest is hand-painted by a Nicaraguan artist. The paintings are unique to the lot that is being transported in the jute bag from the farms directly to roasters around the world. This lot is a beautiful washed coffee that has a distinct blueberry note, so we just had to highlight it on the bags – and they almost look real! The coffee itself is juicy and sweet, and the paintings on the bags pair perfectly with it. The art brings joy to our roasters while providing additional jobs for the artists at origin.

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Shaun Lynch & Osito Coffee & Cacao

Outstanding Design Achievement — Commercial Product Finalist

osito coffee and cacao sda entry sprudge 2

Stuart Ritson, Osito’s Director of Sales for UK and Europe, admired Shaun Lynch’s work and developing career for years. Stuart and Shaun worked together on retail bags for Stuart’s boutique roasting company, Untitled Coffee. “His ability to balance his personal style, with commissioned goals, while also being careful to consider cultural sensitivities is really impressive. In each work Shaun does he spends considerable time considering the subject at hand (whether that be the product or origin) and tries to represent something of that given product/place in a way that’s fair, representative and often interesting and insightful,” says Stuart.

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That collaboration brought Shaun to the attention of Kyle Bellinger, who jumped at the chance to have him design a run of jute bags for coffee and cacao imports from Colombia, Mexico, and Brazil. (India coming 2024!) Each design represents regional fauna, foliage, and cultural motifs. Green coffee isn’t terribly photogenic, but these designs are. We love them for their aesthetics, and even more for the connections they strengthen with our customers.

Additional photos can be found on IG: @ositocoffee, @sjlillustration, @natural_printing, @untitledcoffee_ [/su_spoiler]

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The Prohibition Co. & Technivorm-Moccamaster USA, Inc.

Outstanding Design Achievement — Commercial Product Finalist

moccamaster commercial product sda entry sprudge 1

Introducing the KM5 Grinder box from Moccamaster, crafted with a focus on sustainability and a rich history of form and function. Our objective was to create packaging that embodies these principles and also takes consumer interaction into account. The Prohibition Co. made a significant contribution by collaborating with our global teams to develop universally approved designs. The box serves both retail and e-commerce customers, offering vital information to in-store shoppers for informed purchases and ensuring durability for shipping online. Taking a minimalist design approach, the final design incorporates clean lines, striking the perfect balance between complexity and simplicity to enhance the overall user experience. Moreover, elements from this and previous design iterations have been repurposed to supplement our merchandise and informational materials, both online and in print. Prohibition’s outstanding communication and attention to our global team’s needs deserve special recognition. The response from our customers has been exceptionally positive. We take pride in delivering a comprehensive sustainability experience, encompassing both the product and packaging, and express our gratitude to Prohibition for their invaluable contribution in supporting us to achieve our goals and objectives.

moccamaster commercial product sda entry sprudge 3

Designer names: Kristin Casaletto and Ben Jenkins

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Third Wave Water

Outstanding Design Achievement — Commercial Product Finalist

third wave water commercial sda entry sprudge 4

Waves within waves. These new designs bring Third Wave Water to life with rich color and contrast while maintaining our core colors. Please welcome the new Light, Medium and Dark Roast water profile boxes created by our designer Seth Gillespie.

third wave water commercial sda entry sprudge 5

third wave water commercial sda entry sprudge 3

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