Today we’re very excited to introduce SprudgeLive, a brand new portal for our comprehensive worldwide barista competition coverage. We’ve designed the all-new SprudgeLive page with a strong visual focus, expressly for your enjoyment, and you’ll be able to use SprudgeLive to follow the very best in barista competition coverage all around the world.


SprudgeLive launches on the day we begin coverage of the 2015 United States Barista Championship cycle, kicking off with the Big Western Barista Competition in Palm Springs, California. For the 2015 season we’ll be covering the entirety of the United States regional and national barista competitions, the World Barista Championship, and multiple competitions from the World Coffee Events portfolio, including World Latte Art, World Coffee In Good Spirits, and the World Cup Tasters Championship.

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As grows, we will continue to feature national competition coverage from events around the world. Right now you can enjoy coverage from this year’s competitions in Japan, Canada, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom, with much more on the way as we continue to grow the site.

Our live coverage of events like the USBC and World Barista Championship includes photos of every competitor, routine details and recaps, links and information sharing, and a non-stop Twitter voice that “calls” the big moments from each routine live as it happens, similar to sports play-by-play. You can follow along with our coverage of barista competitions around the world by following @SprudgeLive on Twitter, and visit each day throughout the competition season for regular updates and news from across the barista competition world. To make sure these events get maximum exposure, we’ll still share select features from SprudgeLive on the Sprudge mainpage.


This cycle marks our fourth consecutive season covering the United States Barista Championship live and in-depth. We believe in the power and magic of coffee competitions, and that’s why we’re dedicating a whole new website to it. This is our launch of SprudgeLive, but the website is still in beta–expect it to grow and change and in the coming weeks and months as we refine our SprudgeLive coverage and expand out to include our worldwide network of reporters and contributors.

Thank you for joining us, and we hope you’ll make part of your coffee competition watching experience.

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