Allow us this momentary break in bringing you coffee news from around the world to talk, if only briefly, about some exciting internal news at Sprudge.

Our publication is rapidly approaching its 5th birthday; it continues to be wholly owned and operated by Zachary Carlsen and Jordan Michelman, and funded by a carefully chosen network of brand partnerships with allies around the world. In the last two years, we’ve grown the voice of Sprudge to include a team of around 30 creatives globally, including writers, photographers, illustrators, and .gif-makers. All creative work that appears on Sprudge is paid for fairly; we hope our actions as publishers inspire others to pay fairly for #coffeejournalism.

Within our group of creative contributors, key individuals have risen to the rank of “desks” – folks whose work have become a regular part of the content stream on Sprudge. Our current team of desk writers include Liz Clayton in New York City; Eileen P. Kenny in Melbourne; Julie Wolfson in Los Angeles; and Leif Haven in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Today we’re excited to add two new names to this list. These are writers whose work you’ll see more of on Sprudge in the weeks and months to come, and who are helping lead the vanguard for writing about coffee. Let’s meet our new team members.

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Anna Brones, Paris

Anna Brones is a published author, journalist, and photographer based in Paris. You may have seen her work as it appears in Slate, PUNCH, Huffington Post, Civil Eats, and Cheek Magazine, with a forthcoming book to be published by Ten Speed Press. She’s written for us extensively in the last year on the coffee scene in Paris, where the coffee culture is rapidly changing for the better, and is now home to some of the best cafes in Europe.

We’ve particularly enjoyed Anna Brones’ kaleidoscopic neighborhood guides to Montmartre and Canal St. Paris, her feature on the lively public cuppings at Belleville Brûlerie, and this wry look at the coffee offerings by Maison Kitsuné. Last February, she was the first in the world to report on Coutume Cafe’s expansion to Tokyo.

Anna Brones is an enormous talent with a globetrotting disposition, and experience writing and editing across a variety of publishing genres–an editor’s dream, basically. We look forward to featuring content by Anna from Paris and beyond, including upcoming travel across the United States, Europe, and Afghanistan.


Zac Cadwalader, Texas

Zac Cadwalader is a huge success story for us – exactly what we dream of in terms of contributor content. In a short period of time he’s built a strong writing portfolio on Sprudge, exposing our global audience to the wildly fascinating coffee scene currently booming across the great American state of Texas, from a Modbar and cocktail palace in Waco to a one day pop-up in Dallas. His features on coffee in the Texas Panhandle (accompanied by the photography of frequent collaborator Cara Michelle Smith) rate very highly here at Sprudge as some of the finest journalism we’ve had the privilege of publishing.

With a gift for evocative phrasing and a keen sense of place, Zac Cadwalader established himself quickly as a top story pitcher, able to offer us ideas for content and modes of coverage we could never produce from home base. He’s also a walking encyclopedia on the Texas coffee scene, and has upcoming features for us from cities like Austin, Dallas, and Marfa.

Want to write for Sprudge? We’re seeking story pitches. For more info, inquire here.


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