The World Coffee In Good Spirits Championships pits bartenders and baristas alike from around the world against each other and challenges each to create the most delicious, inventive combinations of coffee and alcohol. From an overall field of 17 competitors, six finalists competed for the 2014 World Coffee In Good Spirit Champion title. Bartenders and baristas from Italy, Greece, Slovakia, Australia, Korea, and Norway were tasked to create the perfect Irish Coffee and a signature cocktail of their own creation.

We have the six finalist’s signature coffee cocktails with complete recipes below. Enjoy!

Francesco Corona (Corona Francesco e Giraudo Fabrizio) Italy



Gentleman’s Friend
Kenya Kagumoini
Aeropress: 20g coffee, 6oz of 95 degree C water
3 oz Coffee
9g Ginger Syrup
1/4 oz Grand Marnier
1 oz Gentleman Jack

Madeleine Solheim Johnsen (Solberg & Hansen) Norway



An Ode To Norway
Colombia Armando Muñoz
120g of Cloud Berries, 150g of ice in a Kalita Wave Style.
Brew 24g of coffee, 150g water onto ice & cloud berries.
3cl Gustav Cloud Berry Liquer
0.5cl Grand Marnier
Dry ice in bottom of drink holder, garnished with edible “Nordic Saffron” flowers.

Young Jin Kim (Core) Korea



Panama Don Pepe espresso, roasted by Jinkyu Kim at CORE in Seoul.
Combine 3g Cascara, 30g sugar, 30ml hot water in Aeropress.
Press mixture.

Combine with:
30ml Grand Marnier

Serve over ice cubes with Hibiscus petals frozen inside

George Koustoumpardis (Tailor Made Microroastery & Cocktail Bar) Greece


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Ethiopia Gedeo Yirgacheffe from Ninety Plus
19g coffee, 260g 94 degree C water
In a Bonavita Immersion Dipper,  2.5-3:00 min extraction time.
Drain coffee into stirring vessel over 2 fresh vanilla sticks
20ml Rooibos Tea Syrup
5 ml grand marnier
10 ml Chairman’s reserve spice rum
Pour over 1 slice of grapefruit in each glass

Matthew Perger (St. Ali & Sensory Lab) Australia




Christmas Cake

30g Butter Washed Kraken Black Spiced Rum
10g Grand Marnier
20g Morris of Rutherglen Muscat
Sensory Lab Steadfast double espresso

Icing (for the rim of the glass)
Icing sugar

Combine alcohol ingredients in steaming jug
Bake cake by putting a fiery hot tamper (or any metal instrument) into the jug then light on fire – this reduces the alcohol while caramelizing the sugars
Quench your tamper in a metal bowl while putting a plate over the jug to extinguish the flames – Pro Tip – wear a fire glove.
Add in your espresso
Make glaze by stirring together ingredients
Dip the rims of your glasses into the glaze
Pour the beverage
Cheers and enjoy.
Have a warm cloth nearby to wipe your lips!

Martin Hudak (Dublin Café) Slovakia



Ethiopia Gedeo Yirgacheffe, 50-60ml double espresso
10ml Grand Marnier
10ml St Germain Liquer
15ml Homemade Bitter Orange Syrup
20ml Zlatý Bažant Beer

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