Seilaff Approval: Golden Retriever Reblogarama

Seilaff Approval: Golden Retriever Reblogarama

Our friend Jonathan Sielaff is officially internet famous, thanks to Boing Boing:

When he’s not exploring the finest coffee roasts, Stumptown Coffee’s Jonathan Sielaff is half of modular synthesis duo Golden Retriever. Sielaff and collaborator Matt Carlson have just released their latest multi-layered adventure in monophonic synthesizers and bass clarinet, titled Occupies with the Unspoken. Pre-order the CD or LP from Thrill Jockey and you’ll receive a free bag of Stumptown’s Costa Rica Montes de Oro coffee, harvested at a farm Sielaff visited.

Mr. Sielaff’s musical rumblings were also picked up by Bon Appetit’s blogatorial endeavor, between listings for “Why We Like To Serve Cherries on Ice” and “Our Master Recipe For Homemade Hot Sauce (A Chile-Fueled Act Of Love)”. Their copy uses the phrase “java junkie” and describes Mr. Sielaff’s music as “surprisingly uncaffeinated”, which is a real shame, but hey, getting reblogged is still awesome. Listen below to the track “Serene Velocity”, from Golden Retriever’s forthcoming full-length “Occupied With The Unpsoken”, out July 24th on Thrill Jockey and available now for CD or LP pre-order.



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