Coming this Wednesday, July 11th, an event worth attending if you’re in or around the Portland area…where the weather is absolutely gorgeous right now, BTW, topping out at around 80 and cooling into the mid-60s at night, but anyway. Our friends at Batdorf and Bronson have teamed up with the American Barista and Coffee School, Migration Brewing, Imbibe Magazine, and Sterling Coffee Roasters for an evening of cross-industry tasting, talking, and tongue tickling. More from the event’s official Facebook page:

Coffee professionals, brewers, wine makers, distillers, and cider makers dedicate themselves to developing their palates and tasting professionally. Coffee has cupping score-sheets, flavor and defect charts, barista score sheets, and informal recordkeeping tools. Wondering how other industries evaluate taste, flavor, and aromatics inspired the Taste : Industry workshop. Bringing together professionals from these industries we look forward to reviewing procedures, tools, and methodologies for recognizing the sublime and calling out the defective.

This event is absolutely free, and begins at 6pm on Wednesday July 11 at The American Barista and Coffee School (SE Water Ave. and Taylor, behind Water Avenue Coffee). And if you’re far away from the Portland area, this concept is not at all proprietary to the specific event in question. Getting coffee people together with beer people, spirits people, wine people, and food people is a really good idea, for no human can survive on coffee alone, and we are all but but cogs in the wheels of the great rolling taste bud omnibus.