Vif Wine|Coffee, the buzzy new wine bar and cafe from Campagne and Walrus and the Carpenter alums Shawn Mead and Lauren Feldman, are hosting a public cupping this coming Saturday, August 3rd. Heading up the cupping is Oliver Stormshak, owner and green buyer for our friends and partners at Olympia Coffee Roasting, whose coffee is proudly served at Vif.

Here’s more on what’s in store for the cupping, courtesy of Mr. Stormshak:

“I’m doing is a cupping based on roast profiles. The coffee I’m using is El Aguila Pacamara – Pacamara’s are notoriously difficult to roast and difficult to profile. Sometimes they taste tropical fruit like, however a slight adjustment in roast it tastes savory and onion like. I’m giving consumers or the folks who show up to the cupping a Vif the opportunity to be the “Roast Master”. I will provide 6 profiles of El Aguila basically from light to dark. We will have the enjoyment to see where certain flavors appear through development, reach their peak then fade away as we progress through the roast process.

We of course will also cup our production version of El Aguila Pacamara. Which I acquired a few more gray hairs trying to pin point the roast profile, which in my opinion is perfect for this coffee. We are cupping this coffee in the 91 range on average in our production roasts.”

This event is free, open to the public, and provides the perfect opportunity to check out Vif, whose small plates menu, stunning natural wine selection, and coffee service sound pretty seriously @deloshes. This is one of the more exciting openings in Seattle in 2013, for sure, and happens to be in one of the city’s most charming neighborhoods.

What: A “Roast Master” cupping with Olympia Coffee Roasters

Where: Vif Wine|Coffee, 4401 Fremont Ave North

When: 1pm, on Saturday, August 3rd.

Why: Because Vif sounds awesome, and this is an interesting cupping concept.

Who: Totes open to the public.

Top image courtesy of Eater Seattle