Kalita Kantan Drippers, those adorable n' disposable single-cup brewers can be taken just about anywhere. They're small, they're foldable, they're perfect for backpacking or placing in your bug-out bag. Irving Farm Coffee Roasters in New York wants to know how far one can go with a Kalita Kantan Dripper.

The top of Mt. Fuji? The bottom of a crater lake? Negotiating the switchbacks of the Death Road in Bolivia? Wherever you like to Kalita Kantan Drip, take a picture, and send it over to the folks at Irving Farm. Win a three-month subscription to their coffee program.

Send us a photo of your Kantan Dripper in the wild. Whether you're taking a summer vacation or simply lounging by the pool, email us your Kantan snaps for a chance to win.

Enter to win by emailing a photo of your Kantan's travel to: kantan@irvingfarm.com, by 11:59PM EST on August 31, or post your photos here for a chance to win!

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